Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

One doesn’t need a degree in interior design to notice that something was off upon entering a room. However, anyone that’s been building a house—or simply igniting rooms rearrangement—could get easily slip into designing mishaps during the craze of interior designing. Most of the time it’s not about inexcusable furniture choices or bizarre design placement. Sometimes it’s just a miss in the designing process that makes the whole room lost its harmony. Luckily, they are mostly fixable with just few correction. Here are the most common home interior design mistake that even you probably almost do. 

The Catalogue Look-Alike Home Interior Design 

Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

Have you ever stumble on somebody’s room that look just too much like a catalogue commercial? Everything just matched a little too perfect—every home accessories come in single shade of colour. The table is too clean with almost no variation in decor and the colour of bed’s linen is just two shades away from the wallpaper. Rooms like this might seem perfect on hotel room—but not in somebody’s house. A catalogue look-alike room is  a failure in home interior design as it fails to show the unique personality of its homeowner. Except if your personality is just as flat as a blank paper, that is.  

The Too Harsh and Too Dim Light Dichotomy 

Ah, lighting. After all the furnitures galore, now you need just the perfect lighting to compliment your carefully curated home interior design. However, finding the perfect light for every room in the house can feel quite a quest. Sometimes it gets too bright, some times it get too dark. This is the dichotomy of mistake that most people commit.

Before you go, you have to know three type of lights in the room: the ambient, task, and accent. Ambient is the general lighting used for the entire room or space. Task is a specific lighting used for a specific task, like the reading lamp, bed time lamp, or cooking lamp. Last is accent, that kind of lighting that only function only to decorate or highlight a space. Some people get a too dim lighting on their house, thinking that the ‘Accent’ or ‘Task’ lighting is enough to light their entire room. 

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Too-Uniform Home Interior Design 

Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

Another typical mistake of home interior designing is the pit of uniformity. Some homeowners just have this brilliant idea to make everything in the room made by the same fabric in the same motif. From wallpaper to curtain to chair, everything was disturbingly uniform. This is certainly not what you want. 

The Non-Functional Room

Some rooms become left unused as the homeowner forget of how the people actually live in there. Sometimes they are too badly designed—and get abandoned, while other times they are too crowded with appliances but lack in clear functionality. A good balance between the aesthetic of the room, furnitures, appliances, and the function of the room itself should be priority upon designing.