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Bad Travel Habits to Quit Instead of Develop

Posted by Marcko Dastro on

The more you travel, the more habits you develop. Some of them might benefits for you and some other might just cause you more problems. Hence, it is always nice to try understanding yourself and your tendency when it comes to travel habits. Even though they are not life-threatening, removing some of your bad travel habits might do you wonder for the next trips are going to experience int he future.

Bad Travel Habits to Quit Instead of Develop

Quite these bad travel habits

There are many travel habits travelers develop over the time such as they way they pack their things, how they eat during the trip, how they interact with the locals, what transport they tend to choose during the trip, and many more. Some bad travel habits might not affect your well-being significantly but some can. Here are few bad travel habits you can quit instead of developing them:

Insist on walking instead of taking cabs to save money. This doesn’t sound like bad habit because it is good to save some money during the trip, right? However, it is bad habit if you sacrifice your feet. If you refuse to splurge a little bit on cab when being out all day during the trip to the point your feet swollen and hurt then you need to stop this habit. You can wander around the places withing walking distance but choose alternative such as taking a bus or cab for destination out of walking distance.

Travelling abroad without learning basic vocabulary of the language of your destination. This might not be a fatal bad habit. However, learning new language, at least the basic words of the local language will cause difference. The locals will appreciate your effort and you will feel welcomed. Also, the words you have learned might be useful during emergency so you can communicate better. You can at least learns basic words for thank yous, hellos, helps, or sorry.

Waiting to pack until the night before you travel. This can cause huge problems because what if your flight is early in the morning and you sleep in? You might get to the airport late and being left behind. You will have to reschedule your trip, buy new tickets, and your moods for travel are ruined. Hence, it is always recommended to pack early so you have time to truly list what you have to bring. You won’t also feel rushed when it is time to go for the trip.

Not learning the exchange rate prior the trip. Travelling abroad needs more preparation included knowing the exchange rate of your destination. If you keep forgetting this matter, you will keep wondering whether or not you are paying a fair price. If you tend to forget this, download a currency exchange apps in your phone so you can check them anytime.

Make needed preparation beforehand so you have everything you need then enjoy every experience during the trip. Try not to develop a habit of overbooking or over-scheduling because sometimes you don’t have time to visit all places.


The Most Instagrammable Places in The Misool Papua

Posted by Marcko Dastro on
Misool Papua

Are you looking for a tropical paradise? This Raja Ampat Island is on the bucket list of almost every traveler in the world. If there’s only one Island you visit at Raja Ampat in West Papua, Misool Papua should be. Misool is a tropical hideaway beaming with the natural beauty emanating on each Island’s best sight. It is home to substantial marine biodiversity with colorful coral reefs. The Island is full of the most amazing places and insane views. No matter where and when you go, you’ll want to have your camera out and ready to snap a fantastic picture. Pretty much everything in the Misool is super Instagrammable, but these five places are where you’ll get the very best Misool Instagram feed.

Malol Waterfall

Malol waterfall is located in Gamta Village, West Misool District. The waterfall provides cool and refreshing water. The waterfall has five stages, and the water comes down beautifully. Around the waterfall, some green and big trees grow abundantly. Visit Malol Waterfall for a relaxing time, which would be perfect for unwinding during your trip!

Namlol Beach in Misool Papua

Endless views on Namlol Beach is what one needs whenever they visit Misool Papua! And this spot is so instagrammable. Doesn’t it? Admit it; this is what tropical paradise looks like! Located in Misool Island, Namlol beach is one of the best beaches in Misool, making sure you enjoy a well-earned trip without spending a lot. At the same time, the crystal-clear water and the white sands add beauty to the beach. Apart from clicking dreamy photos, get cozy with the beach blankets, read a book, and laze around the coast. Trust me; you won’t regret it during the trip!

Lenmakana Jelly Fishes Lake

In Misool Island, there is Lenmakana Jelly Fishes Lake.  The Jellyfish Lake is one of only three places in the world where you can swim with these creatures. This lake is a home of beautiful jellyfishes, and it becomes one of the best tourist attractions here. Those jellyfishes don’t sting, so that you can swim with them. Remember to carry an underwater camera, because the jellyfishes also become a suitable object for photography!

Misool Papua

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Visit Love Lagoon in Misool Papua

Magnificent is the right word to describe Love Lagoon. Lush trees and big karst surround the Love Lagoon.  Did you know that Love Pool becomes part of Misool’s best nature attractions? It is also one of the best tourist destinations in Raja Ampat. The lagoon has a unique shape, but it also offers the pure color of the water. The crystal clear water combines into an unspoiled beauty of nature. Big karst and lush trees also become an exciting background for photography!

Keramat Cave

Keramat Cave, which means the sacred cave of Misool Island. You will see the turquoise-colored ocean water included with the stalactites and stalagmites from the mouth of the cave.


Planning for Enjoyable and Educational Trip

Posted by Ron Brewer on
Planning for Enjoyable and Educational Trip

A trip that is enjoyable and educational can be more meaningful. Hence, it is more than just splurging on luxury hotels or mainstream destinations. There is value and meaning you want to get from the trip where you and the other participants experience. You can plan an enjoyable, educational trip for your kids. It doesn’t have to be a long-term travel. You can just take few days visiting nearby destinations. The most important thing is how to plan it and execute it.

How to plan for enjoyable and educational trip

Your kids are in the state of highly curious about anything in the world. You can use this as opportunity to help them grow. Educational trip can be planed without spending too much money. You don’t have to book luxury hotels either.

Always plan ahead – A trip with kids can cause so much hassle if you do it without proper plan. Hence, it is always better to plan ahead of time. This way, you have time to make preparation and make sure that everything will go smoothly as well as enjoyable for everyone. Plan where you are going to stay, what transport to take, how long the trip will take, and so on. Also, share responsibilities between your kids so they can learn how to be responsible even during the trip.

Planning for Enjoyable and Educational Trip

Discuss together – If it is possible, ask your kids to discuss together where they want to go. As for now, travelling abroad is still not possible because it is too risky with how global pandemic still on going. Hence, you can provide options for local trip. See if your kids have wonderful ideas. Encourage them to speak up and listen to them attentively. When they recommend a place, ask them the reason.

Keep to the budget – It is possible to have enjoyable, educational budget trip with your kids. You can keep the cost down. However, make sure that the safety is priority. Instead of booking a luxury hotels, you can choose cozy house near your destination. This way, you can have everyone in one place as well so you can monitor everyone better.

Prepare activities everyone can join – Discuss with your kids what kind of activities they want to have. If they don’t have any ideas, you can propose your own and see if they are going to love it or not. Make sure that you choose activities that are fun, educational, and engaging. It is best to combine outdoor and indoor activities. For example, set outdoor activities for morning and afternoon. Then, have reading activity or watch inspiring movie after dinner.

Leave some free time – Even if you set the schedule with various activities to be done in group, you have to leave some free time where your kids can do anything their own way. You don’t have to do everything together for 24 hours. Give freedom for everyone to do what they want so they can enjoy and experience many things on their own too.


Planning a Komodo Island Tours from Bali – Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Ron Brewer on
Komodo Island Tours from Bali

Planning a Komodo Island tours from Bali can be quite complicated, with heaps of liveaboards, various scuba dive options and day trips to choose from as well as figuring out what to eat and where to stay. There are very few people on the earth who don’t have any longing to see the breathtaking Komodo Island. Thousands of tiny islands, clear water and tranquil have made this island one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia. If you are travelling to Indonesia, then spending three or more days in Komodo should be on your bucket list. Here’s everything you need to know to help you plan your perfect Komodo tours.

Getting a Komodo Island tours from Bali?

Komodo Island is located in the Nusa Tenggara Island, Indonesia. The island is known as a habitat for the famous Komodo Dragons. Besides, the island is especially perfect for drivers and those seeking a fun adventure. As the islands are fairly remote, most travelers who venture there stop by Bali first, before continuing the trip.

Komodo Island tours from Bali by air

The easiest way to reach the Komodo Island tours from Bali is definitely by taking a flight. You can take one of the domestic flights from Wings Air or Garuda Indonesia from Bali, Ngurah Rai International Airport to Komodo Airport at Labuan Bajo. There are usually about five flights daily to Komodo Island. You can check them out by online, and choose the one that suits your Komodo itinerary then purchase the ticket. Actually, it is also possible to take a ferry from Bali to Komodo Island, but it takes 36 hours to reach there.

Where to stay?

Are you planning an epic adventure? Then why not treat yourself to a few extra days soaking up the atmosphere at a stunning liveaboard? There are many tours operating here, one of the best recommendation services around the island is Hello Flores. Taking a Hello Flores Liveaboard is the best option to get around and relish every beauty that lies in between Komodo and Flores. Enjoy in the state of cabins, rooms and spacious sundecks while you are immersed in breathtaking beauty with comfort and style.

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The best local food in Komodo

A trip to Komodo won’t be perfect until you also indulge in the local cuisine on the island. As you explore the Komodo island make sure you also dedicate time to taste the delicious local food found in the area. Below are some of the top local foods that are a must try!

Ubi Nuabosi – Ubi Nuabosi is a sweet potato, this food is usually served with dried salted fish by local people.

Jawada – Jawada is a traditional sweet snack with a golden-brown color in triangle shape

Catemak Jagung – Catemak Jagung is one of the most popular deserts in all of East Nusa Tenggara.


How to Stay Safe When Traveling in Pandemic

Posted by Marcko Dastro on
How to Stay Safe When Traveling in Pandemic

Almost every sector of life has been heavily affected since the corona virus broke out and became a pandemic, including the tourism industry. How could it not be, the government’s call to stay home has brought tourism to a complete halt. After months of being at home, boredom and boredom are definitely felt by the community. The desire to take a vacation is certainly very passionate. Here are a few tips for those of you who want to go on vacation during a pandemic. There are several things to consider as the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet completely over, especially regarding health protocols.

Ensuring your health and comfort

When planning a vacation during the new normal, make sure your body is healthy. Don’t force yourself, when you are not healthy, the risk of getting corona infection will be even greater. Therefore, before you leave, you should first have a check-up. If necessary, perform a quick test or a swab independently.

Online booking

Some tourist attractions, especially in the world’s major cities, no longer use counter ticket sales to avoid crowds. Ticket purchases and reservations are only served online on the official website of the tourist destination concerned. However, some hotels also offer online check-in to avoid physical contact.

Use a mask

Outside the house, always wear a mask. Even if you are in good health, it does not mean that you are free of the corona virus. You may become a carrier with symptom-free status. Masks are helpful in reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19. Use a cloth mask, as medical masks are for health care workers only.

Bring your own food

We recommend that you bring your own food when you travel outside the house. There is no guarantee that food from outside is hygienic and free of harmful microbial contamination. Based on scientific studies, the corona virus can survive in inanimate objects for hours. Always remember to wash your hands before eating.

Prepare the hygiene kit

Having entered the era of the new normal, hygiene kits are the main weapon that must be carried anywhere on a trip. Hygiene kits include hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray, wet wipes, dry wipes, liquid soap and spare masks. Don’t be lazy and always clean your hands and the materials used with the hygiene kits regularly.

Social distancing

Not all regions are ready to implement the New Standards Protocol. Therefore, choose a vacation destination that is ready for the new policy. Also, always keep your distance and avoid crowds when you are there.


Komodo Island Sailing Tour: Exploring the Pink Beach

Posted by Marcko Dastro on
Komodo Island Sailing Tour

Komodo Island is one of the most stunning trip destinations that is located in the Nusa Tenggara Islands.  The natural landscape of the island is stunningly beautiful and you shouldn’t take it for granted. The pleasant tropical climate makes Komodo Island the perfect place to sail. On a Komodo Island Sailing Tour, you can discover the various beautiful islands, have plenty of chances to enjoy snorkeling or diving and enjoy the most beautiful beaches on the planet! The sparkling blue waters, so clear beaches in the Komodo Islands are the best romantic spots, not only for honeymooners but also for every couple who’s looking for a calming and relaxing trip. One in particular that became favorite beaches among the tourists is Pink Beach. In this article, I would like to give you some information about Pink Beach.

Komodo Island Sailing Tour to the romantic Pink Beach

Pink Beach is located at the western end of the island of Flores, Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia. The beach is one of the most popular destinations on Komodo Island. As the name of the beach, the beach has pink sand. It is quite a unique, mesmerizing and true definition of paradise beach.

How to Get There?

This beach is one of the best places to see during your Komodo Island Sailing Tour! The best route to reach Komodo Island is definitely through Bali. From Bali, you need to fly to Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the Komodo Island with the local airplane by small jet or turboprop planes. The perfect way to explore this island by taking a Komodo cruise. The perfect way to explore this island by taking a Komodo cruise. The cruise will take you to the most romantic pink beach on the earth, spend a couple of hours snorkeling, diving, swimming, or relaxing in the sun before moving on again!

Komodo Island Sailing Tour

Why is the beach pink?

In fact, there are seven pink beaches on the world. Similar to other pink beach on the planet, the beach gets its unique pink color from microscopic organisms known as Foraminifera. Foraminifera produces a red pigment of the coral reefs. Then the sand gets a beautiful pink from a million pieces of the coral reefs and shells combined with the white sand.

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Komodo Island Sailing Tour, what are the best things to do?

If you like the blue ocean, swimming, nature, and snorkeling, you should definitely consider adding the pink beach to your trip. With its turquoise seas, pink sand, the incredibly natural coral reef, and pristine water, this place is perfect for a spot of photography lovers! Not only that, you can also spend time snorkeling and diving. the pristine color from sea water and the various coral reefs should not be missed. The pristine color from sea water and the various coral reefs should not be missed. Being on a stunning beach is a perfect place for relaxation. 


Reducing Waste While Travelling

Posted by Ron Brewer on
Reducing Waste While Travelling

Joining an eco-friendly travel project is not the only way you can do to help protect the environment. You can also do many things to contribute to environment protection. Travelling is supposed to be a fun activity you do. However, it does not mean you can just do it your own way regardless of the impact to the environment. It is important to practice responsible travel so you can have fun while protecting the environment from more damage. One of the ways is to reduce your waste while travelling.

How to help reducing waste while travelling

You may have practiced how to reduce waste at home so you have better and healthier living space. It does not mean you should stop once you take a step outside of your home. Travelling is the opportunity for you to practice what you have learned to reduce waste. Here are some of them:

One of the many things that is damaging for the environment is single-use items especially those made from plastics such as straws, bottle, utensils, and many more. It takes centuries to break down plastic materials. Not to mention that int he process, it releases toxic chemicals that can endanger animals and other living species on earth. Hence, you can start by bringing reusable items such as reusable water bottle or container instead of buying bottled water from the store.

Get into bars when it comes to packing toiletries for your trip. You see, skincare products and such can put environment in danger through their micro particles or beads. Thus, it is recommended to bring products that are less dangerous for the environment. You can also bring products with natural ingredients so they won’t harm the environment.

Instead of renting a car to explore the place you travel to, you can opt for more eco-friendly alternatives such as walking, cycling, or taking public transportation. Carbon emission is not something to be taken lightly. It is getting worse day by day and you do not have to be the one to make it worse. You can contribute to reduce it instead by taking eco-friendly alternatives for your transport during your trip. Walking, cycling, or taking buses and subways won’t make your trip any less exciting. In fact, you may find more interesting things throughout your journey.

Find zero waste dining alternatives during your trip. You need to think local to do so. You can visit farmer’s market where you can get fresh produce. You can also to the local home-brewed beans to enjoy heart-warming, authentic coffee. If it is possible, you can also visit a farm-to-table restaurant to enjoy home-grown foods.

Use less paper for your trip. Some documents may not be replaced with digital data. However, you do not have to print everything. For example, you can just save your itinerary in your smartphone. You can also look up for maps from your phone instead of printing it into paper. Today, e-tickets are also quite common for many travel destinations.


Asmat Papua, Exotic Art and Culture Destination

Posted by Ron Brewer on
Asmat Papua

The Asmat Papua Tribe is the most well known tribe in West Papua. They have inhabited the swampy mangrove forests along the south coast of Papua for thousands of years. There are two groups of Asmat, those groups living in coastal areas and those living in the hinterland. The two groups are different in dialect, way of living, ritual ceremonies and social structure. The asmat tribe were once well known as fierce warriors in the past. Local people believe that the death of a tribe fellow, even from illness was cause by an enemy. One way of avenged to it by taking the enemy’s head, that is now diminished in the modern world.

The Otherworldly Art

However, through their gruesome aspect of their culture, they have also created some of the finest wood sculptures around the world. Among the world’s famous primitive arts, Asmat’s wood-carved masterpieces are most coveted by art collectors around the world. For the Asmat Tribe, their woodcarving is intimately link together with the spirit world. Many of this tribe’s original wood art is symbolic of warfare, headhunting, and of the veneration of warriors or ancestors. For many generations the Asmat have engrossed with the need to appease their ancestral spirits and so they created their shields, canoes, sculpted figures, and drums with exotic and intricate art. Many of these arts are masterpieces that are still being display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

In this era, wood carving continues to flourish as a tradition among the fellows of the tribe. They also recognize wood as a source of life. The statues made by them are typically commemorative of certain individuals who have passed on, although they are not direct representations of them. You can get an amazing experience by joining the art festival in Asmat Papua. This tribe celebrates its art tradition every year together with a cultural festival. They gather all the villages for the art exhibition. They enthusiastically show off their skills on weaving, traditional dances, boating, and musical performances.

Visiting the Asmat Papua?

The Regency of Asmat is a habitat of crocodiles, freshwater dolphins, gray nurse sharks, among others. To see the magical trove of culture here, you need to have to charter a yacht. These days there are a number of liveaboards offering visits to this place, like “Hello Papua”.  Visiting this regency during your Papua cruise is also a great opportunity to engage yourself with the famous Asmat Tribe.

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The Safety of Hiking During This Global Pandemic

Posted by Ron Brewer on

Global pandemic has caused many limits of access including to travel. For now, we cannot just go for a spontaneous travel and such. However, many are curious about going on a hike right now. Because hiking has destination that is usually free from crowds. So how safe is it to go on a hike right now?

Safe hiking with following important ground rules

Medical doctors said that hiking now is not off-limit. In fact, it can help mental and physical well-being. Engaging in some outdoor-activities that are considered safe now can be done such as hiking to the local trails near your home. However, it is important to follow ground rules to hike safely for you and others:

It is more recommended to hike alone rather than in groups. Or, you can also hike with someone whom you have been quarantined with. It is to ensure that you not make any contact with the people who have not been exposed to you and vice versa. If you hike solo but encounter another hikers, then make sure to stay six feet apart at all times. Social distancing even in quiet place like hiking trails still have to be practised. Also, always let the people at home know about your hiking plan to ensure your safety. Give them estimation of when you return.

Do not touch any surface you find throughout the trails. Even if you think it is impossible for rocks and trees to be exposed to the coronavirus, it best to refrain yourself from touching them. They might have been touched by others. You can also bring hand-sanitizer to avoid any disease transmission during your hike. If you tend to touch surfaces unconsciously, wear gloves so you can wash them immediately once you are back at home.

Bring your own bottled-water so you can avoid purchasing ones during hiking. Also, bringing water for hiking is necessary regardless of the situation with the pandemic because you need to stay hydrated. It helps maintain your immunity and the overall health. You can also bring some snacks if you think it will take longer for you to finish the trails and return.

Choose the trails wisely. Avoid choosing trails that requires you to touch or grasps something to maneuver. If it is unavoidable for you touch various things when hiking, make sure to use your hand-sanitizer regularly especially before you eat or drink. Be more careful not to touch your face after touching or grasping any surfaces.

Avoid hiking if you are feeling under the weather regardless if the symptoms are ones of covid-19 or not or just regular ills like catching cold. It is best to stay at home when you feel you are experiencing symptoms of getting ill. Instead, get proper rest and eat nutritious foods to help speed up your recovery. If you are experiencing symptoms that looks like covid-19, it is best to contact medical practitioner as soon as possible to get you checked on. So you can protect yourself and others.


Why Diving Cruise Indonesia Should be Part of Your Trip?

Posted by Ron Brewer on
Diving Cruise Indonesia

There are several reasons why Raja Ampat is considered “the Ultimate Underwater Heaven”. Within its 9.8 million acres territory, this island is the home of 3000 species of coral fish, various types of coral and estimated 75% of world’s species live on Raja Ampat’s underwater. The incredibly pristine and diverse marine life have put this region on the map of the world’s best diving destinations. For this reason, Raja Ampat is the discerning diving cruise Indonesia destination of choice who want nothing but the best. Cruise is a hired boat service that allows you to meet up with other people who share your passion for diving.  There are so many reasons to love cruise diving. Here’s just a few to consider before you book your next scuba trip!

Unique Dive Sites

For most divers, the number one reason to trip by Diving Cruise Indonesia is access to remote and unique dive sites. Some dive sites are impossible to reach without a cruise, because of the distance from the mainland. With a cruise, you’ll usually explore a different area, and it allows you to dive the finest sites throughout a one period.

Lots of diving on Diving Cruise Indonesia!

Diving Cruise Indonesia

This one is pretty obvious – you have the chance to dive a lot! There are usually up to 4 dives a day in the best dive sites the whole area has to offer, and you also can try night dives. If you love diving, you will undoubtedly get to your fill on this diving trip. Life is super easy on a diving cruise. Everything is done for your trip, so there’s almost nothing to worry about!

A no-stress vacation

Let’s face it; having a holiday can be stressful. From finding your accommodation, transport, to deciding where to eat, there’s a lot to worry about. Of course, add diving every day to your holiday plan, and you might go crazy thinking about diving equipment.

Diving Cruise Indonesia help to build confidence

Suppose you have a bit of dive experience. It is the best way for newer divers to build up experiences, skills and dive hours. Doing upwards of ten dives in a week will be fun and embed your skills. It will leave you feeling like a much more confident diver.

Unpack just once

The most benefit of this trip, you save your time! Rather than packing and unpacking every time of day as you move between onshore dive locations, on a cruise, you only have to do it once. Unpack just once is particularly good for divers travelling with their dive gear, as transporting wet equipment from one base to the next is tiring.

Feel alive

Living on the ocean dishes up some pretty incredible natural shows of its own and will never forget. Watch the spectacular sunset majestically over the horizon each evening, illuminating the sky a myriad of hues, enjoy the starry skies that shine when you are in the middle of the ocean, and far from land-based light pollution. Feeling the wind in your face and being rocked to sleep by gentle waves beneath starry skies will leave you feeling alive than ever.

With so many benefits, why not take a cruise excursion part of your next vacation?

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