Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Help Relieve Stress

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Help Relieve Stress

Stress is not so easy to remove form your daily life. It will always be existing as long as we live because there are so many things to trigger it. Stress can release cortisol which affect your mood. It also can increase heart rates, disturb sleeping pattern, increase blood pressure, ruin blood sugar level, and weaken immunity. The longer you experience stress, the more damaging the effects can be. It can cause to more severe health problems such as stroke, heart attack, and depression. Hence, it is important to know how to deal with stress through healthy lifestyle choices and habit as follows:

Opt for healthier diet

Healthy diet doesn’t mean you only stick to low fat and diet foods. It focuses more on taking balance diet consisting of highly nutritious foods in moderate portion. Eating healthy foods will help minimize the effects stress can cause such as unbalanced blood sugar, high blood pressure, weakened immunity, etc. Also, healthier diet will help you feel more optimistic and energetic. 

Maintain regular exercise

Maintain regular exercise Healthy Lifestyle Choices To Help Relieve Stress

Keeping your body in shape is not the only goal you try to achieve. More than anything, your priority should be on increasing energy and positivity. When you maintain regular exercise, your body will be healthier while stress level will be reduced as well. If you are already active, try new variations from your regular regime. You can add some calming and soothing activities to your already intense exercises.

Consider reducing caffeine and alcohol intake

Many people drink coffee when they feel their energy depleting. In fact, caffeine is such a great energy booster. However, taking it excessively may lead to problems since it can elevate cortisol level that can cause to stress and anxiety. You can take smaller or moderate amount of caffeine to get your energy boosted. Limit alcohol consumption as well to help reduce stress level. Instead, change to healthier options of beverages such as juice or tea. 

Maintain good sleep habits

The amount of sleep you get daily can affect your stress level. Lack of sleep often cause irritability, depleted energy, and mood swings. It leads you to drink more caffeine but it only adds more problems. An adequate amount of sleep is known to be beneficial in reducing stress level. If you don’t have healthy sleep habits, start with a new routine. Make sure that you build healthy sleep environment. Also, schedule your sleep regularly and avoid triggering stress before bed. Remove possible distractions that make you unable to fall asleep as easy such as works, phone calls, hunger, clutters, noises, etc. 

Have regular appointments

You don’t have to wait until you have major health issues to visit doctor. In fact, you can visit for regular checkups in certain periods of time to ensure your health is in good condition. Important appointments include regular eye exams, and general physical exams. If you are over 40, it is best to have yearly appointment. By having routine appointments, you can prevent health anxiety which often the cause of stress and depression.

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How Does It Feels to Dive A Shipwreck in Tulamben, Bali

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How Does It Feels to Dive A Shipwreck in Tulamben, Bali
Image credit: Instagram/calistaa.taa

Bali offers millions of beach lined charms with soft, soft white sand when you step on it. The peak beauty of the beach that most people enjoy is when the sun rises and sunsets. But the underwater of Bali become one of the charms of domestic and foreign tourists. The underwater charm of Bali has been worldwide and even included in the world’s best. Some popular diving points for divers are Tulamben, Amed, Nusa Penida, Menjangan Island, and others. Each spot offers its own privileges and is able to spoil the eye of the diver.

Here, we will talk how does it feels like to dive in Tulamben and, particularly, in the famous Liberty shipwreck. Curious on how diving in Tulamben is actually like? Read on. 

Why You Should Dive in Tulamben Bali

Tulamben, a small fishing village on Bali’s northeast coast, is home to one of the island’s most popular diving spots. People go long distances to see the shipwrecked USAT Liberty, which sank in 1942 and is now inhabited by sea life.

Tulamben is known for its dives on the USS Liberty. The wreckage is not far from the shore, therefore no boat is required for diving. You can just walk off from the beach to, slowly descending to the ocean, until you get fully submerged and dive to the site. Where else in the world you can just walk off to a big sunken boat? 

A Walk From the Beach to the Sunken Wreck

This could be your first dive starting from the beach. You might think about the difficulties of wearing a dive suit and gear on a moving boat and decided that starting from the beach would be more convenient. That’s true—wearing a dive suit in the land is surely easier—until you started walking on those pebbles with everything on your mask and fins. The issue was not with carrying the weight of our diving tank, but with staying balanced while walking on pebbles with the potential to slip at any moment!

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The Star of Tulamben Diving: USS Liberty Shipwreck

The USS Liberty wreckage was first beached for twenty years on the Tulamben beachfront before sinking to its current location in the sea due to an earthquake induced by Mount Agung eruption in 1963. The freight ship was 120 meters long. Corals have started to develop over the wreck as a result of the centuries in the water, and many fish have made their homes there. You will see that diving on a shipwreck versus diving on a reef is a very different experience. The ship’s construction, particularly the hall structure that we can swim through, is fascinating. Seeing small fish, giant fish, and sea turtles as you move from one corner to the other in such big shipwreck can mesmerise you for hours!

The Coral Garden

Don’t forget to stop at the Coral Garden as well while you go on a dive trip in Tulamben. This shallow coral reef features a unique blend of natural and man-made structures that promote coral growth, and it’s a great place for beginners to see clownfish, octopi, and other fascinating critters.

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Can’t Dive? Go Snorkeling 

Fortunately, you don’t have to go SCUBA diving to the wreck’s bottom to experience the breathtaking view. Snorkelers can swim over the 125-meter ship on clear days for spectacular views of the entire area.


Spice Mixes Around The World That Make Dishes Taste Even More Special

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A dish taste even more special because of the mixed of spices used in it. There are many things to say about a meal from the spice mix itself. Spices have also been part of culture so you can get a clue to the cook’s background or where the recipe comes from. Adding spices can boost the flavor, making any dish taste more distinguished than the others. Hence, in so many different cuisine, the use of spice mix does matter. 

Chinese Five Spice

Popular and iconic spice mixes around the world

Whether or not you know what is inside a dish, the spice mix tells you a story. Spice mixes also consist of different ingredients and proportions. And here are some of the most unique and flavorful spice mixes often used in variety of dishes around the world:

Cajun spice

The main ingredients of this spice mix includes garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, black pepper, oregano, paprika, thyme, and red pepper flakes. This is a well-known spice mix often used in New Orleans and Louisiana for their wide selections of delicious dishes. This spice mix is actually good for any type of dish. It can be compatible with almost everything from slow-cooked barbecue to vegetables, to fish. Also, this spice mix doesn’t use tomato.

Chinese Five Spice

Chinese cuisine is already a favorite of many people all over the world. There are so many distinguished Chinese dishes that have become everyone’s favorite. And one of the most important factors that plays into their popularity is the spice mix. Chinese five spice consists of Sichuan peppercorns, cinnamon, fennel, star anise, and cloves. This is such a versatile spice mix to be paired with almost every Chinese dish. It can be added with any other spices too to enrich the flavor. It can be used for marinades, meats, and stews.

Chili powder

This is such a popular spice mix almost everyone love. It consists of Cayenne, paprika, chipotle powder, garlic powder, cumin, onion powder, oregano, and salt. This spice mix is not to be mistaken as chile powder because the two are different. Chile powder is dried chiles crushed into powder. Meanwhile, chili powder is a mix of powdered chiles and various spices. Chili powder is most popular in Mexican cuisines. However, it has become so popular because it is also versatile to be added into any type of savory dishes. 

Curry powder

Curry is one of the most iconic foods in the world and there is wide variety of it from all over the world. The thing that makes curry a curry is the curry powder. This special spice mix consists of turmeric, black pepper, garlic powder, cumin, ginger, coriander, lemongrass, kaffir lime, cinnamon, anise, fennel, mustard seed, fenugreek, cardamom, cloves, and mace. Curry powder can be varied depending on where it comes from. For example, Indian curry powder are a bit different from Jamaican curry powder. Not to mention that the curry dish itself is varied not only from the star ingredients but also the spice mix base.

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Bali Architecture Villa Integrates with Modern Style

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The diversity of amazingly beautiful, comfortable, and functional architecture in Indonesia is shaped by the country’s unique cultural richness in harmony with nature. This is similar to the Bali architecture. Bali architecture is a representation of richness and distinctiveness, which is frequently combined with modern style. So, how do you blend Balinese architecture with modern design in your home and villa?

Bali Architecture Villa Integrates with Modern Style

Philosophy of Bali Architecture

Beginning with the organization of space from the gate to the layout of the space. As well as the carving details, Bali architecture is heavily influenced by Hindu elements. In general, Balinese architecture is based on seven philosophies.

  • Tri Hata Karana: establishes harmony and balance among the three elements of life: human (atma), nature (angga), and gods (khaya).
  • Space and zoning rules for the Tri Mandala
  • Sanga Mandala: a set of directional spatial and zoning rules.
  • Tri Angga: concepts or hierarchies that exist between various realms
  • Tri Loka: akin to Tri Angga but of a different nature.
  • Asta Kosala Kosali: 8 architectural design principles for symbols, temples, stages, and measurement units
  • Arga Segara: sacred axis connecting mountains and sea

Bali Architecture Characteristics

Nature’s Harmony

The concept of harmony with nature becomes the fundamental character and identity of Bali architecture. The use of natural stone materials, wood carvings, and bamboo contribute to this harmony. This natural material is expected to promote harmony between humans and the environment, as well as between humans and the Creator. 

Natural stone as the floor of the sitting area, a banana tree fan as a point of interest in the rear garden, and the use of a small plant to give the impression of simplicity and minimalist modern concepts can all be used to create harmony with nature. The number and rows of wooden chairs are purposefully designed to demonstrate the harmony of togetherness with fellow humans, who both face the garden to admire the beauty of God’s creation, the garden and the sky.

Stone and wood carving

Majapahit Hinduism has influenced Balinese carving. Originally placed in a place of worship, the unique sculpture evolved into an architectural style that is identical to Bali.

Excellent Space Zoning

The application of Tri Angga’s philosophy with three levels, namely the Utama, Madya, and Nista, results in the balance of spatial distribution.

The modern concept of Tri Angga has shifted into public, semi-public, and private spaces. This concept can be implemented by designating the yard as a public space, and the terrace between the courtyard and the bedroom as a semi-public area. And long wooden chairs at the foot of the bed as a barrier between semi-public and private areas.

Furthermore, the wooden-framed ceiling, a feature of Balinese architecture, blends harmoniously with the modern open-plan style while still displaying a neat zoning between the living room and dining room.

Not only is there zoning a neat space in the interior, but this neatness is visible from the gate. A road serves as a public space, a staircase serves as a semi-public space, and a gate serves as a signal to enter a more private space.

Balinese Architecture’s Major Features

Excellent Ventilation System For good air circulation, Balinese architecture uses large windows or space between the roof and the walls of the building. For example, you could design a bedroom with a wall covered in carvings on the head of the bed and a large window overlooking a small garden. The bathroom, as a private space that requires proper ventilation, was purposefully designed without a roof and with bamboo as a protective barrier. Natural stone is used to make the floor less slippery and to represent harmony with the tropical environment.

Solid Foundation

Tri Loka’s philosophy considers the home to be a human body with strong feet. Even tropical contemporary modern style can clearly show the structure of Balinese architecture buildings. The exposed structural poles represent human bones, which help to strengthen the structure. The head appears as a ceiling that attaches to the roof, exposing the wooden rafters and batten as strength and aesthetic elements that demonstrate the beauty of simplicity.

Large Yard

Harmony with nature necessitates a large enough yard to communicate with the natural surroundings. Trees with distinct trunks contrast beautifully with concrete road patterns interspersed with grass and huts, as well as a dumb bale of wood.

In Balinese architecture, the wall serves a spiritual purpose in addition to providing security and privacy from the outside. A high wall is thought to be spiritually capable of repelling black magic and evil spirits. The shape of a box made of natural stone decorated with palm trees, banana trees, and rows of decorative bamboo on the entrance wall can be tried in combining Balinese house architecture with a modern style. Before entering the main door, the concrete block road pattern was purposefully designed to be in the middle of a pond with a water philosophy that cleansed all evil elements and flanked by natural stone walls as its guards.

The goal of both traditional and modern architectural styles is to provide functional comfort for human users. Both combine the beauty of architecture with the beauty of functional elements. As a result, combining Balinese or other traditional architecture with a modern style is not difficult. Again, the architect’s knowledge, expertise, and dedication can address all challenges associated with integrating various architectural styles.


Interesting Food Trends To Follow In 2022

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There have been quite interesting food trends each year and we all have anticipated what will about to come in 2022 as the year 2021 is about to end soon. Foods and drinks industry is also one of so many that have been affected greatly by the global pandemic. Consumer behavior have shifted significantly and we have seen how food trends in 2021 are focusing more on personal health and sustainable practices. What will 2022 bring in term of food trends?

TikTok food trends
Dalgona from TikTok trends

Tik Tok food trend is predicted to remain strong in 2022. many kind of foods and drinks have gone viral due to TikTok challenges and sensations. In 2021, we have seen how Dalgona became the hot topic almost throughout the year. It seems that Tik Tok will set powerful drive in food trends. In fact, Tik Tok have been found to be one of the major causes of escalate rise in passion and interest in food and cooking. It is surely a platform that create impactful engagement that can cause a major stir within food industry. 


It is also predicted that 2022 will be delightful year for vegans and vegetarians with how veganism and vegetarianism rises. There will be more restaurants that try to focus on delivering more options for vegetable dishes. There will be more creative dishes being made with an array of vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, legumes, and cereals. This is such an innovation for restaurants to cater to the vegourmets as their essentials as well. 

Barley milk

Barley milk
Barley milk

It is predicted that 2022 will be the year where barley milk rises in popularity. Grain-based milk in general is predicted to grow strong next year but the star will be barley. Oat milk has been surged in demand because of its sustainability in terms of water use, land use, and emissions. Hence, manufacturers are now considering another alternative of grain-based milk and barley is a great option. It is great grain that can grow in harsh climate. Hence, it has great potential to be a great alternative aside from oat. 

Lab foods

Are you perhaps interested in lab foods? If you are and plan to give it a try, next year will be the time for you to be presented with more options of lab foods. In 2013 we were introduced to firs lab-grown burger. This year, there is lab-grown chicken breasts. It is predicted that lab foods will grow stronger to set a trend in food industry. Lab foods are promoted more because they offer scalability and affordability. In 2022, people expect for more variations to lab foods such as dairy products, honey, coffee, etc. Many people have positive reactions to lab food trends because they are concerned about climate change, animal welfare and human health in general.

Food trends will always change regardless. It is up to our own decision whether or not to follow the trend or stick to what we need the most. Make sure to put your health as your best interest in making conscious decision. 


The Benefit of Organic Serum for Your Skin

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The Benefit of Organic Serum for Your Skin

Serums are essential for anyone’s skin care regimen: These robust tonics and elixirs are jam-packed with active ingredients that can help with everything from acne to fine wrinkles. In terms of routine order, it should come right after your daily wash (and toner, if you use one) to let the components to penetrate the epidermis more effectively. Some serums are only for use at night, while others are better used during the day, although the majority can be used twice daily. But what about organic serums? Why switching to naturally-sourced ingredients serum is better for your skin?

Why You Need to Ditch Your Mineral Creams and Switch to Organic Serum

Applying various mineral creams and oils to your skin might cause it to become damaged, with dark areas, increased pores, and a dull appearance. If you try an organic serum, it will undoubtedly restore your skin’s natural beauty.

Organic facial serums, along with a variety of other products, are a perfect alternative to dangerous face creams containing man-made components. Each one is tailored for a different cause, so do some research and see what will work best for your skin issues. A natural serum for glowing skin combines vitamins and essential oils to solve skin issues such as dryness, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and black spots.

Not all facial serums are made entirely of organic materials, and some contain potentially dangerous compounds that should not be used to your skin. The skin on your face is more delicate from the skin of the rest of your body. For many people, their skin is more sensitive and therefore using substances that come from nature will be better on these sensitive skin. 

What Serums Can Do for You

What Serums Can Do for You

The organic serum brightens the skin and gives it a natural charm that is easily noticeable to others. It removes pollutants and oils from your skin. As a result, you can have natural and fair skin without any chemical side effects. The organic serum destroys the skin’s dead cells and gives it a glow, making it stronger and healthier. It gives your face a unique appeal. 

You’ll Love the All-Natural, Plant-Based Natural Serum for Face

An organic and all-natural serum for face is usually absolutely devoid of animal fats, powders, and acidic gel. That is why natural serum can reduces the signs of ageing on the skin better. It also can enhances the skin’s suppleness and shrinking, which is commonly recognised as a problem.

The organic serum hydrates the skin and restores its radiance. With increased of water retain inside the skin cells, this puts an end to the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. It promotes blood flow within the cells. The new cells will aid in keeping the skin healthy and giving it a more natural appearance. The skin becomes firmer as a result of this. Throughout the day, the organic serum maintains the skin moisturised and oxygenated.

Organic facial serums are the greatest since they cure skin without the harsh chemicals that cause long-term issues; instead, organic facial serums give skin a gentle but long-lasting boost!

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Tips For Introverts To Have Amazing Travel Experience

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Every individual has different characteristics and personalities. You may have encountered a very chatty seatmate that talked nonstop throughout the flight. Or, you may have been in the same tour group with people who behave well and talk less. However, there is no rule stating that travel only for certain type of personalities. Travel is for everyone who want it. Even if you consider yourself an introverted, that doesn’t mean you cannot go out exploring the world freely and smoothly. 

Tips For Introverts To Have Amazing Travel Experience

Facing travel challenges for introverts

Nevertheless, it seems that introverts face more challenges during travel than the extroverts do for example at communication and interaction. Introverts tend to charge their battery from being alone and taking time for themselves. Meanwhile, extroverts gain energy from interacting and socializing with others. So here are tips for introverts to travel smoothly and gain more enjoyable experience:

Encounter a chatterbox seatmate

If you are introverted and encounter a chatterbox during your flight, it can be a nightmare. The best way to approach this situation is to talk directly to your chatterbox seatmate instead of giving signs or body gestures to tell them off. You can still talk to them politely and ask them if you can have a quiet time because you have a busy week. Or just say you are tired and will not be able to talk to them. Most extroverts understand verbal and direct ways of communication better.

Social interaction at local restaurant

it is great to join the locals during your breakfast or lunch in one of a family restaurant during your trip. However, doing it constantly in every meal seems to be too much for you who are introverted. Hence, you can actually avoid some of social interactions you don’t want to. You may have food to go instead. Or choose less-crowded hour to enjoy your meals more peacefully. You can also ask the staff if probably you can have a private booth to enjoy your meal on your own or something. 

Trick to not be approached by people in public setting

It seems impossible for you to not be approached by people in public settings especially when you are a young girl who look attractive. It sounds impossible to sit at bars and enjoy your drinks in peace. However, you can use some tricks if you think you cannot handle social interaction in the meantime during your trip. You can use cellphone or book trick. Make yourself busy with a cellphone or book so the others know you are occupied. 

Enjoy every moment of travel

Regardless of your personality, you will encounter many new things during a trip and sometimes they are inevitable. Instead of worrying about how you should avoid people and plan for less interaction with others, focus more on what you get to enjoy from the trip. Anticipate things that make you happier on your trip. Have your ‘me time’ as you want because you are not obligated to entertain anyone. Just make sure to communicate politely and respectfully.

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Before You Go for Scuba Diving Holidays: Beginners Tips on Exercise

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Being Fit for Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners

Diving, taking the plunge to the unknown water and exploring life in a world different than ours is so rewarding. It’s always exciting to have scuba diving holidays — more so when you are beginners who just get your new certification. You have prepared everything; from choosing the sites, planning the itinerary, making reservations, and creating packing checklist. But do you know that preparing a dive trip takes more than planning and packing?

Being Fit for Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners 

There’s no doubt that the calming surrounding deep in the ocean and watching marine life goes round and about brings peace to mind. However, you cannot deny that scuba diving takes a lot of physical work. Finning, for example, take core strengths and legs muscle. And you’ll need to do a lot of finning when you swim against currents. For all of the reasons, you should be reasonably fit especially when you plan to dive for a week or more during the scuba diving vacation for beginners. Here’s some light exercise you can do during the preparation. 

Toning Your Body 

To swim through the water, you use all of your major muscular groups. It also takes a lot of muscle to haul tanks and diving equipment around while you’re not in the water. When you consider that a full tank weighs about 40 pounds and the rest of your gear might weigh another 20 pounds, it’s easy to understand how just preparing for a dive can be a workout in and of itself.

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Do Yoga to Improve Breathing

Do Yoga to Improve Breathing

Yoga and scuba diving are quite similar. They both aid in relaxation and the integration of your mind, body, and soul. Yoga breathing practices are extremely useful to scuba diving. They allow you to breathe more deeply and fully exhale. When you practice yoga to prepare for diving, you will consume oxygen at a slower pace. That means spending more time underwater.

Simple Exercises to Improve Your Body for Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners

Do Monkey Toe Exercise

You don’t want to get cramped foot when you are deep under the water. Cramping toes is one of the problems that underwater divers experience. When wearing fins, your toes are pushed into a pointed posture, which can become unpleasant after a while. It might be especially uncomfortable if your foot arches aren’t robust enough. This is when this exercise comes in handy. This workout for monkey toes helps strengthen your feet. This implies less cramping when swimming under the water. It’s also the easiest workout for diving beginners that you can practice practically everywhere!

To do this exercise, try to pick up a pen with your toes in this workout. Grip the pen with your toes and keep it there for 30 seconds to a minute. If you have difficulties picking up the pen, you may use a sock instead, which is much simpler.

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Shoulder and Back Exercise for Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners

You’ll need strong shoulders and back muscles to hoist and carry your tanks and gear. Resistance bands can be used for the workouts. If you don’t have bands, you can use weights.

Strengthening Your Core

A strong core is required for swimming and lugging heavy diving gear, and this is very important for beginners in scuba diving. Your core consists of your stomach and your back. Almost every action you make during the day requires a strong core. Lower back discomfort might be alleviated by strengthening your core. You don’t need any extra equipment to perform planks or superman. You will just be using your own body weight.

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Know How To Pack Efficiently For Smooth Travel

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Know How To Pack Efficiently For Smooth Travel

Jamming everything into your suitcase won’t work especially when you pack a two-week’s worth of gear for a long weekend. Packing too lightly has risk of missing something important such as passports, medicine, etc. The best way to do when it comes to packing is know how to do it efficiently. Only savvy travelers can do it and you can practice to be a packing expert.

Make the ultimate packing list before you start

It is crucial to make a packing list before you do the packing itself. Get ahead of your packing preparation at least do it days or few weeks in advance. Hence, you can make ultimate packing list and if you need something you still have time to purchase it. You can also use the packing list for later during the trip o before you return to home. You can use it to check if all your items are already packed, ready to go home. 

How to avoid wrinkle when packing

It is not recommended to fold your clothes individually. Instead, try rolling the clothes such as skirts, pants, and sport shirts. Lay them face down then fold back the sleeves, and roll from the bottom up. Or, you can also try folding your clothes together. For example you pack two pairs of jeans then you can lay half of one pair on top of the other then fold the one on the bottom over the pair on the top. Furthermore, take the other and fold it on the top to avoid crease and wrinkles. 

Pack delicate items with tissue paper

Lay your items face down then put tissue paper on top. Fold it up with the tissue paper inside and use additional layers of paper as you fold the garment to wrap it completely. This can be a pain if you have to keep repacking so use this method only for clothes you don’t want to crush the most. 

How to save space when packing

Using too much space and pack too many items in your bag can cause problem. If you bring too much items then you may be charged with baggage fees. Cut down your load with some alternatives. For example, use packing aids to shrivel your clothes into a vacuum-packed, tiny, tight bundle that only take little space. Also, it helps you organize your items better. Or, wear layers of clothes to keep you stylish and comfortable and cut down the load. 

Put important items in your carry-on

Your identification, passports, wallet, electronics, and jewelry should be kept in your carry-on bag not your checked luggage. Your valuable should be brought on the plane with you because there is a chance for your checked to get lost or misplaced. Use TSA-approved locks if you want to keep your items inside your bag safe from prying hands. It is also recommended to be efficient by reducing and reusing so you don’t have to keep buying your necessities for the trip. 

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How to Ensure Safety at Your Property Bali Benoa Amidst the Pandemic

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How to Ensure Safety at Your Property Bali Benoa Amidst the Pandemic

If you own a vacation home, you probably already know that attracting repeat visitors is a fantastic method to assure a consistent stream of rental money. You can do so by providing excellent amenities, being a gracious host, and taking steps to make your short-term renters feel at ease and protected in your home. On the other hand, it is considerably more difficult to achieve health safety in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, many vacation rental owners are allowing tenants to cancel their plans for a full refund in the coming weeks. While this may result in a loss of rental income for you, it’s the right and courteous thing to do. You’ll need to take extra precautions as a the owner of property in Bali Benoa to keep your tenants safe. Here are some ideas on what to do in between guests.

Disinfecting Your Property Bali Benoa Properly

Disinfecting Your Property Bali Benoa Properly

Every villa owner are familiar with cleaning the property between check-ins and check-outs. However, now is the moment to go above and above in your cleaning efforts. To begin, get disposable gloves to avoid handling possibly infected objects. The good news is that COVID-19 can stay in the air for up to three hours. So, if you wait that long to clean after guests leave, you should be safe from inhaling the virus. You can also avoid contracting the virus by wearing gloves and carefully washing your hands before touching your face.

Then, start disinfecting your entire Bali Benoa property from top to bottom with surface disinfectant. Pay attention to door knobs, light switches, faucets, and toilet flush levers, among other things. Also, sanitize any TV remotes that your previous guests had access to. Keep in mind that for an extra-deep clean, let any solution you choose sit for three to five minutes before wiping it off.

Sanitise-Clean the Towels

It should go without saying that you should wash all towels and linens once your visitors have left your home before making them available again. That’s probably your best bet if your machine has a “sanitize” cycle. However, make sure to have additional face and hand towels on available for your visitors. They’ll be less inclined to spread germs if they have less to share.

Go Heavy on Soaps

Go Heavy on Soaps

Hand washing is one of the most important approach to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Provide additional soap and sanitizer in your home to assist your guests in accomplishing this. Also, consider to install a non-touchable sink to wash hands in the porch or lawn area. This gives guests a chance to clean their hands properly before entering the house.

Keep Your Property Bali Benoa Up with Latest Change of Travel Trends

The pandemic changes travel trends—and as an owner of property in Bali Benoa, you need to keep up. First, travelers are booking trips at the last minute. They expect to plan trips closer to their travel dates than they did in the past. Second, flexible cancellation procedures is now sits among guests’ priority. When asked what is most important to tourists considering making a reservation, they ranked cancellation/refund policies first on a scale of significance.

In fact, 77 percent of travelers from Expedia’s polling stated they’ll be more likely to choose lodgings with flexible cancellation policies. During their user testing session, the “free cancellation” option was used by the majority of participants while looking for a vacation rental. If you don’t already have one, consider implementing a moderate or relaxed cancellation policy as part of your Covid-19 recovery efforts.

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Simplify the Check-In and Out Procedures

Clear check-in and check-out procedures are vital to the majority of current travelers. To streamline your procedure, consider offering contactless check-in and employing smart lock technology.