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A Day in Kubu Boga Wreck Diving Bali

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Bali is one of the dream destinations for many ocean explorers given to its crystal clear water, rich and healthy corals, and lively fishes from all kinds and species. The Island of Gods is a paradise filled with abundance of nature and adventures—both on and below the land. One of the adventures you should try is wreck diving. Unlike any other wreck diving in the other part of the world, wreck diving in Bali is pretty unique. They are generally sit in shallow bed, only 3 to 20 meters below the surface. They are very accessible from the shore and even doable for beginners. One of the wreck that you should try is the Boga wreck diving in Kubu Bali. Among three wrecks in Bali, the Kubu Boga is the only one that was intentionally sunken and it promises great marine exploration!

A Day in Kubu Boga Wreck Diving Bali

Before it ended up in the ocean floor, the 1952 Holland-built ship has been living long enough serving as Indonesian Government Patrol Vessel for the Department of Sea Communication. The Boga ship was sunk in 2012 in attempt to create an artificial reef and promote marine growth. As corals, sponges, and gorgonian fans reclaim the ship, more fishes come to live in this wreck.  

Where does Kubu Wreck Diving Bali Located? 

Nestled in the northern-east coast of Bali, the Kubu village is just a short drive up from Tulamben, a well known dive village in this area. Once you reach the village, you have to sail on a dive boat for about 50 meters off the shores to reach the Boga wreck diving Bali site. The 53 meters long wreck lies at 18 meters to 36 meters below. 

What to See in Kubu Boga Wreck 

What to See in Kubu Boga Wreck

There are a lot of things the Boga wreck offers for divers! The wreck itself is a major attraction. As it was sunk in just 8 years ago, many parts of the wreck is still intact. It even have a VW car, a motorbike, and other objects placed inside the wreck to boost the point of interests. You can also see the iconic steering wheel (not original) at the deck! Don’t forget to take a picture at this impressive spot!

Fishes and other marine life has also start colonising the wreck. In just five minutes exploring this wreck diving Bali site, you might bump into group of barracuda, batfish, and trevally. During the day the wreck is busy with swarming fishes; you can spot lion fish, octopus, and moray eels. Look closer to the coral bommies and the seafloor around the wreck, and you will find various species of nudibranchs, octopus, lobsters, and other fascinating micro life. 

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What do You Need to Dive the Wreck? 

What do You Need to Dive the Wreck?

Given to the depth of the wreck, you will need at least Advanced Open Water certification to explore the site. Currents are usually light, but sometime stronger currents do come so it might be better to bring a reef hook. Water temperature are warm, so a regular 3mm dive suite would be enough. And just like any other wreck dive, you will need some wreck dive equipments. Prepare a torch or light, a comfort grip gloves to protect you against rusted metal cuts, a dive helmet (ideally), a deep sea bungee mounts, finger spool for emergency exit searches, and a reliable cutting tools. 

Are you ready for diving the Kubu wreck in Bali?  


The Wild and Wondrous, Over the Top Komodo Tours

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The Wild and Wondrous, Over the Top Komodo Tours

The tempting thought of heading off to some place remote, far profound from the most common way to go, get detached from the remainder of the world, and find the opportunity to appreciate tropical idyll in nature’s best setting are what drive a considerable lot of us to book a Komodo visit. Everything on Komodo, Flores, appears directly from the wild. Excursion to Komodo offers stunning encounters that would be hard to won’t; a chance to have direct experience with the last mythical beast of the earth—the seeing Komodo dragons up close, exploring vast and rugged savannah fields, watching untamed life creatures living in hypnotizing harmony, and feeling the delight of finding some lovely hidden sites just for yourself. There are just so many amazing things to do here, and this is how you can have the top, best Komodo tours on the holiday.

Set out on Solo Travel with Top Komodo Tours

On the off chance that you are continually looking for challenges and startling experience, support yourself to set out performance. There are numerous top Komodo tours who are selling for solo openings—which goes increasingly mainstream by “Open Trip”. In this sort of excursion, you going to purchase an opening on the liveaboard for yourself, get set up with irregular lodge mates for the entire journey, and presented to energizing thoughts that may be originating from your movement friends. Express yes to each potential thoughts and let the impulses of recently discovered companions open the entryway to unforeseen ventures!

The Wild and Wondrous, Over the Top Komodo Tours

Bring Tent or Hammock to Your Komodo Adventure!

Make your backpack as your portable home. Never settle in one lodging except if you need to close the entryway to experience. Hammock is just what you need to complete the rugged adventure. Place your portable hammock anywhere; in the beach, in one of the uninhibited island, in the deck of the liveaboard ship, anywhere. There are still such a great amount of things to find in the territory Flores past the national park! Set aside effort to get profound into the Cunca Rami Waterfall, Rangko cavern, Cunca Wulang gorge, and the superb Kelimutu mountain. At the point when you are in Flores, pursue inn bouncing (give you shifted understanding), travels, and obviously, tent outdoors (or lounger outdoors). Spend in any event one of the night under the uncovered, brilliant night sky. In a land as pure as Flores, that experience would feel practically enchanted.

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Discover the Alternatives from the Mainstream Travel

Having awesome top Komodo tours is just impossible without the help of the local tour organizer. You need them to operate the boat, manage the itineraries, and do all the hard works. Well, unless you have exquisite sailing skill and deep understanding of the Flores sea, you need their help. Joining a Komodo tour arranged by agencies also help minimising your trip budget. Many of them open slots for trip in one period of time, where you can just book one slot and following the rest of the trip. Many tour operators in Komodo has fixed, standard prices and itineraries on their hands—which implies you are having no alternative than following the standard ways to visit the “must sees”. You can have a more customized trip, however, if you are willing to charter a whole boat for the trip. You can pick only your favourite destinations to visit, duration of the trip, and in-between activities to do in the boat. This is obviously more costly, but you have the privilege to see lesser visited beaches, more hidden gems, or emptier dive sites.


Interesting Things To Do In Palawan, Philippine 

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Palawan is one of the best islands in Philippine and already popular among international travelers around the world. This island is thin and long but is full of paradise ready to indulge every visitor. One of the reasons why this island is so otherworldly beautiful is because of the stunning karst limestone geography. Everything about this island is amazing; the caves, the beaches, the jungles, the mountains, and the food. This island is great choice for a perfect getaway. 

What you can do in Palawan Island, Philippines

Palawan is a great travel destination for any activity you’d like to try. It is perfect for adventurous activities as well as leisure ones. Here are most recommended things to do when you are travelling to Palawan Island, Philippine:

Cabayugan river

palawan island philippines

Explore Cabayugan River that is flowing down from the Saint Paul mountain. The river is descending into a cave. The main attraction is the subterranean part of the river. The underground section of the river is five miles long. You can navigate through it by boat. You can explore the place from the cave’s mouth and ride your boat about a mile into the cave. There are limestone formations within the cave you will get to see throughout the journey. Stalactites and stalagmites called Carabo, Sharon Stone and Holy Family can be found as well. 

Canoeing at Iwahig river

Canoeing on the Iwahig River where you can see pretty fireflies that flit around the river during the pitch-black darkness. Your camera phone won’t be able to capture them unless you use the most powerful professional camera. The canoe usually fits for three to four people. A local guide is usually assigned to three tourists in a canoe. You will be brought to explore the river to the mangroves where fireflies are. You will get to see the lightshow performed by the fireflies. The tour usually starts at 8 p.m and takes about 45 minutes to finish. 


Meeting Philippines’ rarest birds. There are birding sites in Palawan Island you can visit. The island itself is important stop for birds flying this hemisphere’s migratory routes. There are about 170 species of migratory birds stopping by this island to take a breather or seeking refugee from the cold weather. This island is also home to 15 endemic bird species that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

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Puetro Princesa

Enjoying your time to eat and drink in Puerto Princesa. This place is considered a short stopover. This vibrant city is often missed out by travelers and tourists especially those who plan to directly head to El Nido or Port Barton. If you stop by this city, there are plenty of interesting things you can do such as relaxing, eating and drinking at two amazing restaurants, Kinabuch and Kalui. Both restaurants offer different vibe and setting but equally enjoyable and cozy. You can choose wide selection of Filipino foods and drinks. Then, complete the night by enjoying craft beers at Palaweno Brewery. 


Komodo Boat Trip to Live Life in the Present

Posted by Ron Brewer on

Going on a Komodo boat trip for divers out there is one thing. But for you regular folks out there who simply craves being able to disconnect from everything? “Disconnecting” is an oversaturated term at the moment – is the trip going to work at all? Completely disconnecting from your life can sometimes be a faraway dream. Sure you have your yearly vacation, probably to some exotic destinations for a week or two away from home. But even if you’re on a vacation, miles away from where you live, often times you fall back into the bad habit of needing to always connect; checking the news, your social media feed, urgent mails, and so on and so forth. You’re probably never going to be able to completely disconnect this way. Komodo boat trip 

Komodo boat trip 

Indonesia is a lovely country in which Bali is the center of the tourism scene. The island is still a magical place by a large stretch; but the magic could no longer be found in the midst of its most popular spots. What you’ll find in the current Bali is no longer the peace it once effortlessly provided; not if all you visit is the South of Bali like Kuta and the surrounding area. This is why many people decided to jump further east; Flores and the lesser Sumba islands. 

Komodo boat trip

Flores proved to be slice of paradise. Perhaps it’s the remoteness of the area, the fact that the place practically sleeps after dark, the complete lack of crowd, or the simplicity of the people’s lives here… or perhaps it’s a combination of everything and more. The best part is that having to be able to experience this slow-paced life in a boat. 

Disconnect in order to connect 

komodo sailing trip

When you’re so far in the sea, you probably won’t be able to get much reception. Which is all well; you’re not here to work or to cater to the world but yourself. So during your Komodo boat tour leave the phone alone. Don’t be tempted to check mails and whatnot.

Leave the phone securely in your room. Tip: bring a conventional camera so that there’s no temptation. You can dedicate a 30 minutes to a maximum of one hour to answering emails if you really can’t leave it. Disconnecting takes practice after all. Where else should you practice it if during Komoo boat tour Indonesia? 

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Living on a Komodo boat reminds you of what’s important 

komodo boat tour

Being able to disconnect from the endless streams of news and everything else the world tries to feed us is, we’ve realized, a privilege. But it shouldn’t be that way. Floating atop the phinisi in our Komodo boat trip we’re surrounded by the oceans, as our boat gently rocks—we realize that this is beyond a mere escape. Being able to disconnect has helped us reconnect with nature. Embrace the “inconveniences”. Humans didn’t evolve to be able to live with a device always connected with signals, nor have shops that readily cater to our nitpicky needs. In the boat, we learn to truly come back to what we truly need; and it’s surprisingly basic. 


Must Things To Do Anytime You Travel 

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Travel to different places is like a dream. There are people who dedicate their time to be a full-timer travelers. It is not a bad idea but you have to be ready with many things such as finance, time management, and activities. Being a casual traveler is not bad either because you can still visit various places without quitting your job or leaving your family for a long time. 

Things you must do when travelling

Creating your own adventures through traveling around the world is such a great idea. There are many things you can try to do during the trip. Some of them might be out of your comfort zone. However, it is worth it because the experience you gain might be different from anything you have had before. And here are some things you must do for any kind of travel:

traveling must dos

Planning and research your travel is a necessary even for some people it is not. By researching the place, you can be more prepared. You also have more knowledge about the place that can save you from many troubles. Not to mention that you can find out about the upcoming festivals, events, or local celebrations. So you can join the fun during your visit and truly experience the culture of the local. It makes your trip more meaningful. 

Do your research

Reading travel blog is a great way to learn from personal experience of travelers. You will find useful information or some insights to have fun, safe, and memorable travel. It is also a great way to help you decide what kind of fun you want to experience, what activities you look forward to, or what spots you really want to visit. 

Stay in multiple locations

While you are on your trip, it is recommended to try staying in multiple locations. It allows you to see different parts of the places you are visiting. You will experience different atmosphere, crowd, cultures, architecture, and more. This makes your travel more interesting and far from being bored. It allows you to know more about the place in an interesting way. 

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Speak with the locals

Interacting with locals and making friends with them. When you visit a foreign country, building connection with the place is a lot harder than you think. You won’t understand the place unless you know someone who knows it. Of course, you can find out about the place by yourself but it takes longer. Making friends with the locals allow you to have better understanding of their culture, tradition, customs, etc. 

Opt for public transport

Try public transportation instead of renting a car or taking taxi. Getting around the city in foreign country can be terrifying for the first time. However, it can also bring you more fun and unforgettable experience. Getting lost is a possibility to experience when you try taking public transportation in foreign country. However, it allows you to learn something more and valuable for your life. You can use Google maps to see the estimated time and routes but ask people for help to make sure your destination.