Know How To Pack Efficiently For Smooth Travel

Know How To Pack Efficiently For Smooth Travel

Jamming everything into your suitcase won’t work especially when you pack a two-week’s worth of gear for a long weekend. Packing too lightly has risk of missing something important such as passports, medicine, etc. The best way to do when it comes to packing is know how to do it efficiently. Only savvy travelers can do it and you can practice to be a packing expert.

Make the ultimate packing list before you start

It is crucial to make a packing list before you do the packing itself. Get ahead of your packing preparation at least do it days or few weeks in advance. Hence, you can make ultimate packing list and if you need something you still have time to purchase it. You can also use the packing list for later during the trip o before you return to home. You can use it to check if all your items are already packed, ready to go home. 

How to avoid wrinkle when packing

It is not recommended to fold your clothes individually. Instead, try rolling the clothes such as skirts, pants, and sport shirts. Lay them face down then fold back the sleeves, and roll from the bottom up. Or, you can also try folding your clothes together. For example you pack two pairs of jeans then you can lay half of one pair on top of the other then fold the one on the bottom over the pair on the top. Furthermore, take the other and fold it on the top to avoid crease and wrinkles. 

Pack delicate items with tissue paper

Lay your items face down then put tissue paper on top. Fold it up with the tissue paper inside and use additional layers of paper as you fold the garment to wrap it completely. This can be a pain if you have to keep repacking so use this method only for clothes you don’t want to crush the most. 

How to save space when packing

Using too much space and pack too many items in your bag can cause problem. If you bring too much items then you may be charged with baggage fees. Cut down your load with some alternatives. For example, use packing aids to shrivel your clothes into a vacuum-packed, tiny, tight bundle that only take little space. Also, it helps you organize your items better. Or, wear layers of clothes to keep you stylish and comfortable and cut down the load. 

Put important items in your carry-on

Your identification, passports, wallet, electronics, and jewelry should be kept in your carry-on bag not your checked luggage. Your valuable should be brought on the plane with you because there is a chance for your checked to get lost or misplaced. Use TSA-approved locks if you want to keep your items inside your bag safe from prying hands. It is also recommended to be efficient by reducing and reusing so you don’t have to keep buying your necessities for the trip.