Diving from A Boat: Techniques for Beginners

When you first learn to dive, the majority of your time will be spent on pool at the scuba centre. This is where you will learn your very first lesson, practising the basics of scuba diving, to having the scuba test for your certification. In places like Bali, your very first open water dive will be conducted on a shore, where you will walk from the descending shore and slowly sink to the ocean. This is actually the most comfort way to start a diving journey for most beginners. However,  diving from a boat—which come naturally for some divers—could be quite blood-tingling for those divers who start their dive from the shore. 

Indeed, the idea of jumping from boat into  the deep water could be quite intimidating compared from wading in from a beach. Diving from a boat requires special skills to maintain your safety. But rest assured. It’s not as hard as you think and before you know, you will be thrilled with anticipation for the next boat jumping. 

Diving from A Boat: Techniques for Beginners

Listens to Diving from Boat Briefing for Beginners

For those who feel boat diving is something totally brand new, listening to the diving brief is an absolute necessity. The dive master or the boat captain will give a brief about the site with instructions on how to dive it. You will hear explanations about the directions, depth limits, time limits, topography, and many thing else. This way you will know the directions you need to take once you take plunge to the underwater. As you will head down to the open water, you need to already have a clear path in your mind. So never skip the dive briefing on the boat before jumping in. 

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Know Which Method of Water Entry is Best for Diving Beginners

Diving from A Boat: Techniques for Beginners

Learn the method of water entry before the actual dive. Tell the instructors on the dive boat and they will gladly teach you so. There are three common water entries applicable for diving form boat, even for beginners. The first is giant stride, where you can just step out from the dive boat’s deck and jump to the water. Second is back roll water entry, which is best suited for boats without special platform where divers can jump. Back roll water entry is commonly used on small boats and inflatable boats. To do so, you need to sit at the edge of the boat, put the regulator on your mouth, and hold the back of your head with the right hand. Point your chin towards the chest and you are now ready to gently fall backwards. The last is seated water entry, where you basically pivot your way from the boat to the water. 

Practice the Boat Diving Entry for Beginners!

As water entry is commonly used on dive trips, it’s better if you take sometime to practice it on the pool! Water entry from boat is something to be practiced for diving for beginners. Head to deep pools, get geared up with the tanks, regulators, BCD, and everything, and practice the fall. This will give you better ideas on how you should jump/ fall and how it works on your body.