Why Padar Island is Perfect for A Post-Pandemic Gateway

Why Padar Island is Perfect for A Post-Pandemic Gateway

Since the pandemic outbreak, everyone of us has refrained from travelling and isolate ourselves in the safety of our houses. The situation constantly changes in a lot of countries. However, many countries have reported good news regarding the coronavirus. One by one, countries are reducing their restrictions, opening borders, and ensuring safe travels for visitors. This certainly is a good news for people who has been yearning for some outdoor adventures. The Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia is one of those far-flung destinations that have begin preparing to welcome travelers. And here we think that Padar Island—one of the most beautiful island in the national park—is just a perfect destination for travelling post-covid situation!

No One Lives in Padar Island

When you come to Padar Island, you don’t have to worry about getting infected from the locals or the otherwise, infecting the locals. Because no one inhabit this little island. Padar is completely devoid from human population. The only creatures that live in the island is grassland vegetation, some deer, and ocean creatures. You just need to be mindful with other member of the group that go with you in the tour.

The Superb Views are Definitely Healing

Why Padar Island is Perfect for A Post-Pandemic Gateway

Padar gets its fame from its otherworldly panoramic view from the top of the hills. For people who has been living their past four months confined between walls, such view would be immensely rewarding. Just imagine; before your eyes lie three crescent coasts, stunning grasslands, endless blue sea, and a jagged volcano that seems like straight from the Jurassic era.

Social Distancing Comes Naturally in Padar Island

Now, social distancing become the most important strategy—along with mandatory mask and strict hygiene—during the pandemic. In Padar Island, however, social distancing come naturally. Travelers need to hike to get to the viewpoint on the top hill and there’s no way you can stay very close to each other during a hike. Padar’s rocky terrain make it even easier for people to stay naturally apart.

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Less Common Surface in the Island that’s Risking Virus-Spreading

Why Padar Island is Perfect for A Post-Pandemic Gateway

As result of the devoid of human settlement, Padar Island has almost zero communal spaces and facilities. Aside of few poles on the wooden trekking ladder, there’s nothing you can touch in the Island. That limits surfaces where coronavirus droplets can land and survive—and infecting other people. It’s barrenness is its greatest advantage; Padar might the lowest infection risks among any other destination.

Travelers Are Limited in Padar Island

Since the outbreak, the Tourism Authority Agency of Labuan Bajo Flores (BOPLBF) has been developing a system that allow them to monitor visitor’s volume in the national park. This allows them to control the amount of visitors on all islands within the park to avoid over-crowding. Rest assured that Padar won’t be jam-packed with travelers and the like during your hike.

The Komodo National Park is reopening their gate very soon. Prepare all the thing you need to ensure your eligibility to visit this far-flung wonderland!