How to Stay Safe When Traveling in Pandemic

How to Stay Safe When Traveling in Pandemic

Almost every sector of life has been heavily affected since the corona virus broke out and became a pandemic, including the tourism industry. How could it not be, the government’s call to stay home has brought tourism to a complete halt. After months of being at home, boredom and boredom are definitely felt by the community. The desire to take a vacation is certainly very passionate. Here are a few tips for those of you who want to go on vacation during a pandemic. There are several things to consider as the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet completely over, especially regarding health protocols.

Ensuring your health and comfort

When planning a vacation during the new normal, make sure your body is healthy. Don’t force yourself, when you are not healthy, the risk of getting corona infection will be even greater. Therefore, before you leave, you should first have a check-up. If necessary, perform a quick test or a swab independently.

Online booking

Some tourist attractions, especially in the world’s major cities, no longer use counter ticket sales to avoid crowds. Ticket purchases and reservations are only served online on the official website of the tourist destination concerned. However, some hotels also offer online check-in to avoid physical contact.

Use a mask

Outside the house, always wear a mask. Even if you are in good health, it does not mean that you are free of the corona virus. You may become a carrier with symptom-free status. Masks are helpful in reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19. Use a cloth mask, as medical masks are for health care workers only.

Bring your own food

We recommend that you bring your own food when you travel outside the house. There is no guarantee that food from outside is hygienic and free of harmful microbial contamination. Based on scientific studies, the corona virus can survive in inanimate objects for hours. Always remember to wash your hands before eating.

Prepare the hygiene kit

Having entered the era of the new normal, hygiene kits are the main weapon that must be carried anywhere on a trip. Hygiene kits include hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray, wet wipes, dry wipes, liquid soap and spare masks. Don’t be lazy and always clean your hands and the materials used with the hygiene kits regularly.

Social distancing

Not all regions are ready to implement the New Standards Protocol. Therefore, choose a vacation destination that is ready for the new policy. Also, always keep your distance and avoid crowds when you are there.