How To Deal With Sickness You Get After Travelling

How To Deal With Sickness You Get After Travelling

Many travelers return from their trip with unwanted souvenir such as flu, cough, fever, cold, stomach bug, etc. They feel fin during the trip itself but when they are at home, they start feeling uneasy with their body. If you are also experiencing this, you are not alone. Wiping down your tray during flight, washing your hands before eating, and eating safe foods in safe diners, etc are part of precaution you can take to keep your health in check during travel. However, it is still possible for you to get sick after the travel instead. 

Deal with sickness after travel

There are various reasons why you get sick after the trip not during. It may be because you are already in contact with bacteria or viruses during the trip but the symptoms take time to appear. You end up getting sick when you are at home instead. Or, it can be because your body is suffered from jet lag, travel fatigue, stress, and the need to readjusting to your normal life. 

Time to adjust

What you can do to deal with sickness after travelling is give yourself time to readjust. Always practice good hygiene such as washing your hands with soap and water before eating or touching your face. Try to reduce your stress level by doing relaxing things such as having a good night’s sleep, take a nap, eat something good and healthy, and take proper rest in general. Your sickness will likely disappear in few days and you will get better. 

Know when to seek medical help

Deal with sickness after travel

However, it is also important to read the warning signs so you know when to seek for medical help if you get sick after travel. If you have fever after visiting a country with malaria, you have to see a doctor immediately. Even if the fever comes a week or two after your visit, you still have to see your doctor. Even if you took antimalarial medicine prior your visit, you still have potential to develop malaria. It mostly develops within 30 days. In fact, it can lie dormant for a year or even longer. 

Any skin problem? 

If your fever is followed by skin problems, it may be an indication of more serious illness. Skin problem that appear after a travel is not seen as sign of serious problems. However, it becomes serious when it is paired with fever. Skin problems you may experience after travel include boils, rashes, bug bites, or fungal infections. Always tell your doctor about any travel you did. Doctor may follow through with other questions such as food you ate during the trip, bug bites, your stay, and the duration of your travel. 


Diarrhoea is also common sickness experienced by travelers during or after travel. You may experience it because your body still readjust to your usual diet after eating foreign foods during the trip. However, you need to see a doctor if you experience persistent diarrhea that last for two weeks or more. It is usually caused by parasite and it can put you in danger if you don’t get immediate treatment.