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Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

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Become one of the most famous cities in America. Los Angeles, a sprawling city in Southern California, is the heart of the film and television industry. Not far from the Hollywood sign, Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers studios offer tours to discover their installations. On Hollywood Boulevard, in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the biggest movie stars have left their footprints and hands in the cement. The Walk of Fame honors thousands of celebrities and vendors offer maps of the homes of the stars. We can walk around the tourist destinations in this city, here they are!

Hollywood sign

Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

This is also called the letters Hollywood or teaches Hollywood, is a monumental sign forming the word “Hollywood” in capital letters, erected on Mount Lee, a hill overlooking the neighborhood of the same name, in the Californian city of Los Angeles, in the USA. This place is a landmark which is one of America’s most famous cultural icons. This place is perfect for taking photos, to capture the moment. To get a good position to take photos, tourists are not advised to climb the Hollywood hills due to the very steep conditions and steep cliffs. The Highland Center is the easiest place to view and capture photos of this Hollywood icon.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

An amusement park and a film production studio of the company NBC Universal located in Universal City in the suburbs of Los Angeles in California. The studios are those of Universal Pictures. Universal Studio Hollywood has been in business since 1951. This place is a must-see place to visit during your Los Angeles vacation, especially when you go on vacation with your family. Universal Studio Hollywood is divided into two areas, Upper Lot and Lower Lot. In Upper Lot, you can feel the city of Springfield, the city where the Simpsons live. In addition to that, you can see the location of the filming of King Kong, Jaws and Fast & Furious. While in the lower part of the plot is Jurassic Park and Revenge of the Mummy. A water walk on the theme of Jurrasic Park invites you to meet the dinosaurs. In addition, Universal Studio also offers a studio tour by visiting approximately 13 blocks. These blocks are a location for famous Hollywood movies.

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Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

This place is the only theme park designed and built directly under the supervision of Walt Disney. This place is perfect for those of you who are on vacation with your loved ones. In this place, one has the impression of living in luxury castles like princesses in the film Sleeping Beauty. In addition, you can satisfy your curiosity about the fantasy world that you only feel when watching animated films.

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Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

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Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

One doesn’t need a degree in interior design to notice that something was off upon entering a room. However, anyone that’s been building a house—or simply igniting rooms rearrangement—could get easily slip into designing mishaps during the craze of interior designing. Most of the time it’s not about inexcusable furniture choices or bizarre design placement. Sometimes it’s just a miss in the designing process that makes the whole room lost its harmony. Luckily, they are mostly fixable with just few correction. Here are the most common home interior design mistake that even you probably almost do. 

The Catalogue Look-Alike Home Interior Design 

Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

Have you ever stumble on somebody’s room that look just too much like a catalogue commercial? Everything just matched a little too perfect—every home accessories come in single shade of colour. The table is too clean with almost no variation in decor and the colour of bed’s linen is just two shades away from the wallpaper. Rooms like this might seem perfect on hotel room—but not in somebody’s house. A catalogue look-alike room is  a failure in home interior design as it fails to show the unique personality of its homeowner. Except if your personality is just as flat as a blank paper, that is.  

The Too Harsh and Too Dim Light Dichotomy 

Ah, lighting. After all the furnitures galore, now you need just the perfect lighting to compliment your carefully curated home interior design. However, finding the perfect light for every room in the house can feel quite a quest. Sometimes it gets too bright, some times it get too dark. This is the dichotomy of mistake that most people commit.

Before you go, you have to know three type of lights in the room: the ambient, task, and accent. Ambient is the general lighting used for the entire room or space. Task is a specific lighting used for a specific task, like the reading lamp, bed time lamp, or cooking lamp. Last is accent, that kind of lighting that only function only to decorate or highlight a space. Some people get a too dim lighting on their house, thinking that the ‘Accent’ or ‘Task’ lighting is enough to light their entire room. 

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Too-Uniform Home Interior Design 

Fails in Home Interior Design You Probably Almost Commit

Another typical mistake of home interior designing is the pit of uniformity. Some homeowners just have this brilliant idea to make everything in the room made by the same fabric in the same motif. From wallpaper to curtain to chair, everything was disturbingly uniform. This is certainly not what you want. 

The Non-Functional Room

Some rooms become left unused as the homeowner forget of how the people actually live in there. Sometimes they are too badly designed—and get abandoned, while other times they are too crowded with appliances but lack in clear functionality. A good balance between the aesthetic of the room, furnitures, appliances, and the function of the room itself should be priority upon designing.

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Regaining Control Of Your Trip To Feel Less Stressful

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There are many reasons why your trip so stressful and daunting. More often than not, people travel and come back feeling more exhausted or stress. That’s why they choose to stay at home when their holidays come. Feeling fatigue or stress after a trip is unpleasant. Most people expect a trip to be a refreshing and recharging moment so they can return with new spirit and positive energy. However, some travel mistakes can cause the opposites. 

Regaining Control Of Your Trip To Feel Less Stressful

How to regain control of your trip and make it enjoyable

Regaining control of your trip is necessary. It is to avoid any unnecessarily travel mistakes that can cause you more stress and fatigue. A trip is supposed to be a mental break but sometime it takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. Here are some factors that makes your travel less pleasant and enjoyable.

Lack of preparation and research in advance

When you don’t know what to expect of your trip, it is easier for you to get worked up over small mishaps during the trip. To boost happiness, it is highly recommended to research your trip and destination in advance. This way, you know what to expect and what awaits for you. When you are hyped up, it boosts your energy. Not to mention than preparing the trip in advance can make you more prepared with any possible travel hassles.

Don’t pack too many things 

Regaining Control Of Your Trip To Feel Less Stressful

Your trip is less pleasant and enjoyable because you pack too many things. When you carry a heavy luggage, you feel more burdened. In the end, you don’t really enjoy the trip because you have to deal with your luggage all the time. Thus, pack light and smart to avoid unnecessary travel hassles. You can enjoy your journey without carrying heavy bag. This can lessen your physical and mental burden. Pack only the necessary items you are going to need and wear. It is also highly recommended to not carry too much money because it makes you remain alerts and feeling stressful all the time. 

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Local Research You Need To Conduct Before Travelling

Plan your itinerary but make it more flexible

The more important things is not to visit every travel attraction but to enjoy every moment. Schedule your itinerary as wise as possible. Make sure that you get to enjoy every place you visit without straining your body too much. If it is impossible to visit all tourist attractions, choose the one you find the most interesting. There might be unexpected things happen during the trip. When you and your itinerary is more flexible, you can adjust according to the situation better. You won’t get stressed or worked up easily by travel mishaps because you can go with the flow.

Feel the hype!

Feeling hyped up is necessary to boost your energy for the trip. However, don’t make too high expectation. There is no such thing a s perfect trip. Small mishaps often happen even to seasoned travelers. Try to relax and enjoy more the trip instead of focusing too much on making it perfect.

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Diving from A Boat: Techniques for Beginners

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When you first learn to dive, the majority of your time will be spent on pool at the scuba centre. This is where you will learn your very first lesson, practising the basics of scuba diving, to having the scuba test for your certification. In places like Bali, your very first open water dive will be conducted on a shore, where you will walk from the descending shore and slowly sink to the ocean. This is actually the most comfort way to start a diving journey for most beginners. However,  diving from a boat—which come naturally for some divers—could be quite blood-tingling for those divers who start their dive from the shore. 

Indeed, the idea of jumping from boat into  the deep water could be quite intimidating compared from wading in from a beach. Diving from a boat requires special skills to maintain your safety. But rest assured. It’s not as hard as you think and before you know, you will be thrilled with anticipation for the next boat jumping. 

Diving from A Boat: Techniques for Beginners

Listens to Diving from Boat Briefing for Beginners

For those who feel boat diving is something totally brand new, listening to the diving brief is an absolute necessity. The dive master or the boat captain will give a brief about the site with instructions on how to dive it. You will hear explanations about the directions, depth limits, time limits, topography, and many thing else. This way you will know the directions you need to take once you take plunge to the underwater. As you will head down to the open water, you need to already have a clear path in your mind. So never skip the dive briefing on the boat before jumping in. 

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Know Which Method of Water Entry is Best for Diving Beginners

Diving from A Boat: Techniques for Beginners

Learn the method of water entry before the actual dive. Tell the instructors on the dive boat and they will gladly teach you so. There are three common water entries applicable for diving form boat, even for beginners. The first is giant stride, where you can just step out from the dive boat’s deck and jump to the water. Second is back roll water entry, which is best suited for boats without special platform where divers can jump. Back roll water entry is commonly used on small boats and inflatable boats. To do so, you need to sit at the edge of the boat, put the regulator on your mouth, and hold the back of your head with the right hand. Point your chin towards the chest and you are now ready to gently fall backwards. The last is seated water entry, where you basically pivot your way from the boat to the water. 

Practice the Boat Diving Entry for Beginners!

As water entry is commonly used on dive trips, it’s better if you take sometime to practice it on the pool! Water entry from boat is something to be practiced for diving for beginners. Head to deep pools, get geared up with the tanks, regulators, BCD, and everything, and practice the fall. This will give you better ideas on how you should jump/ fall and how it works on your body.


Must Things To Do Anytime You Travel 

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Travel to different places is like a dream. There are people who dedicate their time to be a full-timer travelers. It is not a bad idea but you have to be ready with many things such as finance, time management, and activities. Being a casual traveler is not bad either because you can still visit various places without quitting your job or leaving your family for a long time. 

Things you must do when travelling

Creating your own adventures through traveling around the world is such a great idea. There are many things you can try to do during the trip. Some of them might be out of your comfort zone. However, it is worth it because the experience you gain might be different from anything you have had before. And here are some things you must do for any kind of travel:

traveling must dos

Planning and research your travel is a necessary even for some people it is not. By researching the place, you can be more prepared. You also have more knowledge about the place that can save you from many troubles. Not to mention that you can find out about the upcoming festivals, events, or local celebrations. So you can join the fun during your visit and truly experience the culture of the local. It makes your trip more meaningful. 

Do your research

Reading travel blog is a great way to learn from personal experience of travelers. You will find useful information or some insights to have fun, safe, and memorable travel. It is also a great way to help you decide what kind of fun you want to experience, what activities you look forward to, or what spots you really want to visit. 

Stay in multiple locations

While you are on your trip, it is recommended to try staying in multiple locations. It allows you to see different parts of the places you are visiting. You will experience different atmosphere, crowd, cultures, architecture, and more. This makes your travel more interesting and far from being bored. It allows you to know more about the place in an interesting way. 

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Speak with the locals

Interacting with locals and making friends with them. When you visit a foreign country, building connection with the place is a lot harder than you think. You won’t understand the place unless you know someone who knows it. Of course, you can find out about the place by yourself but it takes longer. Making friends with the locals allow you to have better understanding of their culture, tradition, customs, etc. 

Opt for public transport

Try public transportation instead of renting a car or taking taxi. Getting around the city in foreign country can be terrifying for the first time. However, it can also bring you more fun and unforgettable experience. Getting lost is a possibility to experience when you try taking public transportation in foreign country. However, it allows you to learn something more and valuable for your life. You can use Google maps to see the estimated time and routes but ask people for help to make sure your destination. 

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Things to Ask Your Yogyakarta Furniture Manufacturers

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You’ve decided to avoid buying furniture in the big box stores like IKEA. Good for you. Big box stores shouldn’t even be an option when solid quality hardwood furniture in Indonesia is largely affordable. Aside from Jepara you can also find Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that provide you with high quality hardwood to purchase. 

home furniture yogyakarta

Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers 

Browsing and purchasing high quality furniture is a smart move. Furniture is a long-term investment and a piece should last a lifetime; likely outlive you. This kind of durability can only be achieved through purchasing solid hardwood furniture. Plenty of Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers have high-end furniture like this at an affordable price. Stores are aplenty, but how do you choose your stores and your pieces wisely? 

interior furniture yogyakarta

Aside from a thorough research of the right interior furniture Yogyakarta stores (or outdoor furniture, if you’re looking for them too) you also need to ask the right questions when ordering your pieces. Here’s some tips on where to get started. 

Ask your mebel Jogja the material of the furniture 

While it’s often clear the first time around when you first land your eyes on the furniture it’s particularly important to confirm with your Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers. Indonesia has plenty of wood choices when it comes to hardwood furniture; but what you need to do is find what you need. Outdoor furnitures most often use the teakwood (look for “kayu jati” in Bahasa Indonesia). You don’t have to be fluent in Bahasa but knowing a bit of Indonesian terms for these things can be very helpful when asking your mebel Jogja (essentially a furniture store). 

How to maintain the furniture piece? 

furniture yogyakarta

One thing that home owners and furniture buyers overlook when they’re at their chosen Indonesian furniture manufacturers is how to care for the furniture. Just like anything you own, a piece of furniture need a proper care as well, just like your car, your bike, and your home. Know how to care for your furniture pieces early: when you’re purchasing them. 

Here are some pointers on what to ask when you’re purchasing furniture Yogyakarta from the Toko Furniture Jogja:  

  • What kind of cleaning product you can use to clean the surface of the wood? 
  • What’s a safe way to clean leather or fabrics if your furniture is upholstered? 
  • What’s the best way to store the furniture when not used? 

Do they accept custom orders? 

Many Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers offer custom orders and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re spoiled for choices. Many Indonesian furniture production do their pieces for hotels both for use in the country as well as exported abroad. Wooden furniture like teakwood Indonesia has different types of finishes and tones that you could custom order. Some stores offer picking textures, colors, and patterns. 

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One tip when you’d like to do custom orders is by having a catalogue of Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers products whether it’s for interior furniture or outdoor. After all, even though it’s custom furniture, the same people will be working on it; and the pieces you order will likely be similar to the ones you see on displays. So make sure that you love most things the furniture manufacturer offers so you can order something they’re good at making. 

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Seaside Living Is A Great Asset For The Travelers

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The one ugly truth about the seaside living for travelers is the accommodation is possible to harm the environment the most rather than the ones located at the inland. But what can I say, it is also brings the benefits both for the owner in business perspective and the travelers.

For the travelers themselves, the seaside living is not only as simple as living in one of the best favorable tourist destination, but they can also gain more benefits for their body and mind. The advantages are pretty much clear and won’t be the abstract ones that can’t even be explained.

For example, living side by side with the ocean can even making us experience the peaceful moment in our mind just by keep on hearing the soft wave sounds followed by the soft breezing of the winds. Just read the research where you can finds it easily on Google.

It means that the decision on choosing a place to stay at your travel destination seems to be an important thing than just finding the one that is cheap with full of services and stuffs.

Base on the UK study finds—The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry on 2012 ago, people who are living at the coastal area will also be healthier than those inland.

How seaside living can be a good asset for travelers

What a pleasure of being living at the seaside where the pollution can be less, the fresh air can be easily inhaled every single second, and encourage people to go out swimming where it is also an exercise for our body and mind. Surely that there are more reasons for that healthier benefits, but I am sure that many of them have been experienced by all of you. The only thing you aren’t capable to do is living there like forever.

Therefore, keep on remembering that choosing the seaside living at your destination can be your own priority.

Reserve a seaside living will also brings the advantage in giving you the chance to experience more things to do in your trip. You will be surprised that at where you are living, there could be a surf camp at the side of the accommodation. Who would have known that you can be interested in learning how to surf?

The area itself of where the accommodation you are staying will mostly surrounded by the interesting places. From various tasteful restaurant, heart-warming cafe for a cup of coffee, souvenirs shops, and many things. If you are thinking about the best place to spend the money while traveling, I think the area that is closer to the beach is best place for it. Many have been proven it, even yourself. Surely that you have to control your spending so you are not feeling sorry for yourself for have been spent the money for nothing.

Ocean has many mysterious ways to be revealed why it is helping us feeling better. Even just by walking on a sandy beach by your bare foots in evening, it is kind of a relaxation moment for yourself.

So, now you know where to stay when you are going out there in a trip right? If one day you are confusing where to stay while traveling, never try to forget that a seaside living is always worth your try.

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Why A Surf Camp Is A Perfect Package For Family Holidays?

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Is this some kind of surfing activities while camping in a place that won’t be too far from the surf spots? What is actually a surf camp and why in the world it is a perfect travel package for the family holidays? Oh man, I am trapped in my own post by telling you so.

But it doesn’t matter at all. I am here trying to tell you the better way as I could about what is a surf camp and why this can be your next travel idea especially when you are bringing all the family members along in a holiday.

Bringing family members in a surf camp holiday

The term of “perfect” on above title is actually referring to the better travel package and should never means to be an idea without any lacks at all. It is just what many other bloggers are keep on saying on their blog posts to attract more readers. So, I known you have been realized that before.

What is a surf camp?

This travel package could be the new one for many of you. This can also be the first time for you knowing about it so I would love to explain what the surf camp is.

I am a simple man coming with a simple explanation about the topic. I won’t start with the history of a surf camp, I think you are not coming here for that and you are not in a middle of your school research about the idea. So, I am assuming that you are the random people that need to find the next travel ideas which one will be the better for your family to spend. And somehow, you are landed here.

The very short definition of a surf camp is;

“A camp for surfers.”

What else you are expecting? Those four words are the super clear definition. But you may are wondering, if the surfing activity is the main thing you will do which is right, then how come you have never been knowing about it before and why you are thinking that you have never been seen such thing in the beach? Where is the camp?

Not it is getting more interested. The problem here is the word of “camp” itself that is actually referring to the camp as the main accommodation whether the travelers or surfers are living in a hotel hotel or villa, etc.

A surf camp beside the beach

It is also referring to the training activities where the surf camp itself is actually a surf course for the surfers and the surfing enthusiasts.

So, it is a class for those who need to know how to control the surfboard while breaking the waves in a beautiful move. It is a surf course with professional coach as the instructor.

Why a surf camp can be your best family holiday package?

Even though I have been saying that a surf camp is for all the surfers, I was also mentioning that it is also good for those who are interesting about being on water and breaking the waves.

Practicing surfing in a surf camp course

You don’t have to be a surfer first to experience the surf camp is, there is also a big room for the beginner surfers and surely that there is a class for that even up to the professional level.

What makes the surf camp is best for the family members is because of each classes are only contains with some or around 5,7 or not up to students. For short, it is possible for one family or two to be trained by the surf instructor as one single group (class).

This travel package is so much flexible as well in spending your holidays. You can choose the hourly rate course, a day, or even a package for 7 days or more.

And as surfing itself is a healthy sport, I think this could be the fun and healthy travel idea as well for your family. But you can actually wish more than that, this can also be the informative travel idea both for the parents and children because surfing is not only about the skills but there is also the educational site for everyone. Your family will learn things and practice what they have been heard from the instructor. That’s all what the surf camp is about

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Benefits of Scuba Diving You May Have Never Been Told

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There are many benefits of diving especially for your health as well as the main purpose of travelling itself which is to simply enjoy the retreat moments. But today, I won’t talk on how it helps increasing your blood circulation or relieving your stress. I think that I have some things to share that you may have never been told before about the benefits of scuba diving. I am not really sure if there may the other bloggers or writers have been covering the things I’d like to inform you, so I just wrote down the idea and published on here.

Other benefits of scuba diving

1. Scuba diving can be the most silent travel idea with ineffable beauty

There may divers who can describe how beautiful it is to experience the scuba diving and being below the surface of seawater with beautiful creatures and coral reefs. But I am sure that no matter how good the descriptions are, being underwater is always the better idea than hearing some stories.

Other than that, if you are demanding the secluded travel spot almost with no disturbing sounds at all and surrounded by the silent and the beauty, scuba diving is perfect for that. It is a sport as well as anybody are saying, so it can be the beautiful exercising for you, too.

2. Through scuba diving, you will see the world in a different perspective

The world is wide. The world is narrow. You may will also think that our planet is wide and narrow in the same time. Diving into the underwater will make you see the world differently and can be uniquely. If you are asking me the way to see the world in certain depth, then working at the coal mining may be the answer. Surely that you have also a chance to go for a scuba diving experience and see the world form the under world.

While you may will find that your perspective about the world is changing and could be different than before, you have also chance to meet the other creatures you may have never been heard and met before. Certain depth of seawater have the certain living creatures, you may will be surprised with what you can see before your eyes in the depth.

3. Scuba diving can change your life

I believe that many of us are afraid of something. I am not talking about the cockroach but the shark and whales, mantas, or just afraid of being drowned and dragged by the underwater currents and so on. It may happened but not only to yourself alone. How can you be that selfish thinking that the currents will only dragged you down and not the other people?

It is normal for us to afraid of anything. But, it is also our own decision on how long will it be happening. Sharks may are dangerous when they are hunting for the foods, but it will be more dangerous if they have been perished from this world. Moreover, when you are in a scuba diving trip and happen to meet the sharks or whales, there will be a big chance for you to love them too rather than doing thing the otherwise.

Business Idea

Tourism and the Growth of Digital Marketing Agency in Bali

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Tourism is affecting many aspects in life including the development in a line of work and business. So does the tourism in Bali where it is creating and developing the present of many digital marketing agencies in the island.

Even though I have not got a required data about how many agencies are existing in Bali until today and how many of them have been closed forever or even moved to another country, I am sure that there will be more new digital marketing agency in Bali in days to come.

It is because the developing of the tourism sector itself is always requiring to promote all of the potentials of nature, culture, human, religion etc to the world so the travellers will keep on coming to Bali and spend more money through their tourism’s activities. And the main keyword here is “to promote” where the digital marketing agency in Bali is standing for the life cycle of tourism.

Digital marketing agency in Bali growing the tourism sector

How digital marketing agency in Bali help growing the tourism sector in the islands

Bali is a province that makes it has several islands. The interesting thing about most of those islands is, it seems that they are trying to make tourism as the main sector that can open the employment especially for the local people. I don’t even know the other nature resources that can be found in Bali without have to relate them with tourism sector and business.

I mean, I have never heard before that Bali has coal resources, popular for its fruits production and so on. All the things we are knowing is the beaches, coral reefs, beautiful landscapes and so on that are utilised for tourism.

All of those tourism potentials need to be promoted so the more people are noticing them and getting interested to visit Bali one day. And to do that, digital marketing agency Bali has some beneficial services for that. An agency will help the government and local businesses to build a better website to spread the words, manage the social media contents to promote the destinations or the travel packages, helping businesses in reaching more online users so they will have more audiences (customers), etc.

Even, the more those potentials are promoted online or digitally, then the more people are coming to experience what have been available for them in Bali and that will be a great sign of the better development and future for the tourism sector and business line in Bali. It then will affecting how better the development of all the sectors in the whole province of Bali.

I can’t imagine how to develop the tourism sector in Bali itself without involving in a digital world. In the other hands, many of the businesses are finding their customers on internet whether those who are visiting their business site or they who are active on social media.

If there won’t be any of digital marketing agency in Bali, there may still the travellers who are visiting the island. But, their numbers won’t be as much as today and developing the tourism sector itself can be hard especially when its come to competing with the other countries in the world.

Collaborate with the digital marketing agency for your business in Bali today considered important. It is because if you are running the tour and travel business, then the competition has been high and you will need the helps to get into the digital competition from the experienced and professional team.