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Live Webcams To Have A tour Around National Parks Virtually

Posted by Marcko Dastro on

The current situation with lockdown and stay-at home orders make us miss the great outdoors. In some places the orders have been lifted gradually. If you still cannot go outside, you don’t have to worry about missing the great outdoors because you can still enjoy it without travelling. You can watch live webcams from your couch or bed while staying safe and help flatten the curve. While planning for your dream trip for the future when things get back to normal, you can watch various live webcams to spend your day.

Virtual tour around national parks

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to make you feel miserable or lonely. You can get various entertainment while relying on your internet connection. Instead of endangering yourself and others by travelling carelessly, you can instead enjoy virtual tour of national parks from the safety of your home. Here are several of them.

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Virtual tour around Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park offers webcam you can access to have virtual our around the place. The camera is positioned at the foot of the lake, giving you a great view. For some people, the virtual tour gives them healing vibe with how serene the lake is and how amazing the views are in glacier. 

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Virtual tour around Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park also offer virtual tour through their webcam. One of the most iconic thing to see is the geyser erupt. You can check out their live stream which features predictions of when the eruption will go off next. The predictions are not always up-to-date but it is still interesting to check them out. Not to mention that the views showed through the webcam is truly stunning and amazing. 

Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park

Virtual tour around Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park is also interesting place to enjoy virtual tour. The came will show the upper part of the Yosemite Falls in real time through live stream. The stream is shot from the 2,245 foot falls. Summer is the best time to see this place because it is the peak flow. The view will be in a maximum level of amazement. 

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The North Atlantic Coastline, Acadia National Park

Virtual tour around The North Atlantic Coastline, Acadia National Park

The North Atlantic Coastline, Acadia National Park is where you can pretend like you are on Maine’s rocky coastline. The camera is also solar powered. It is positioned next to the ocean hence offers the best views of the water. During sunrise and sunset, you will get to see the best views. 

Zion Canyon, Zion National Park

Virtual tour around Zion Canyon

Zion Canyon, Zion National Park also often offer have broadcasting of sunrise and sunset at the national park. The cams are positioned at the bottom of the canyon to let the viewers see the shadow of the canyon walls perfectly. They are beautiful yet rare so it is often the highlight. 

There are also other type of virtual vacations you can try while staying at home. Many of them now are paired with meditative audio tour to help viewers get the best virtual tour experience. There are many places you can explore through virtual tour so you can check them out anytime. 

Tips & Trick Travel

Fool-Proof Plan to Bring Kids to Komodo Diving Trip

Posted by Marcko Dastro on

It’s hard to go alone without your kids when you are having a diving holiday in beautiful destination like the Komodo National Park. It’s almost a crime. You will be thinking at how the kids would get excited to see Komodo’s sparkling blue water, to be amazed at Pink beach, getting their eyes googled up to meet majestic animals like Komodo Dragons, Manta Rays, and big bats, and many things else. The question is, can you really bring the kids to a diving trip at Komodo? Can they do the dive as well and how can you keep them safe and comfortable?

Fool-Proof Plan to Bring Kids to Komodo Diving Trip

Is your kids old enough for diving in Komodo?

Anyone can bring kids from seven months old baby to 10 year old kiddo to the Komodo diving trip, but not all of them can dive with you. If you want to share the beauty of Komodo’s marine life with the kids, they should be able to dive. If your kids are eight years old or older, they can learn with bubblemaker program and join you for the dive.

Bring a babysitter for younger kids who can’t dive

Maybe you don’t bring the kids for the dive. They perhaps are more interested in trekking the deserted island or pretending to be pirates in the sailing trip itself. If the kids are not interested or too young to dive, you might consider bringing a babysitter with you. Especially when both you and your partner are divers. This can be a professional nanny or a family member who are willing to babysit. This way, you can enjoy diving in Komodo in the fullest while kids are having a supervised fun as well.

Book a family friendly liveaboard in Komodo

Book a family friendly liveaboard in Komodo

One thing to be considered when having a dive trip in Komodo is the liveaboard. You can go super budget and book shared trip where everyone sleep on the deck, or you can go a bit extra. There are some family-friendly liveaboard in Komodo that promises comforts for children. A family-friendly boat is usually more spacious and run in high safety standards. Some have cabins with queen size bed and a bunkbed designed for families. Dive trip is easier when you are in the right liveaboard to keep your kids as comfy as possible.

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Check if they have scuba gears for smaller people

Check if they have scuba gears for smaller people

If your kids dive, you’ll want to make sure that the diving liveaboard has wetsuits, BCD, and other equipment that will fit the kids. If not, it’s time to prepare it by your own. You can either buy it or rent it from other dive centres.

See other activities in Komodo than diving

Remember why you would think that Komodo is a good idea for the kids? Yeah, take them to all the wonders of Komodo. Choose a Komodo diving trip that has equal balance to the land excursion. Spend some time after—or before—the dives or on dive-day-off to trek the breathtaking Padar Island, wander off in Gili Lawa, meeting the ancient Komodo Dragons, or the pretty Pink Beach. They will talk it for days!