Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

Become one of the most famous cities in America. Los Angeles, a sprawling city in Southern California, is the heart of the film and television industry. Not far from the Hollywood sign, Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers studios offer tours to discover their installations. On Hollywood Boulevard, in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the biggest movie stars have left their footprints and hands in the cement. The Walk of Fame honors thousands of celebrities and vendors offer maps of the homes of the stars. We can walk around the tourist destinations in this city, here they are!

Hollywood sign

Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

This is also called the letters Hollywood or teaches Hollywood, is a monumental sign forming the word “Hollywood” in capital letters, erected on Mount Lee, a hill overlooking the neighborhood of the same name, in the Californian city of Los Angeles, in the USA. This place is a landmark which is one of America’s most famous cultural icons. This place is perfect for taking photos, to capture the moment. To get a good position to take photos, tourists are not advised to climb the Hollywood hills due to the very steep conditions and steep cliffs. The Highland Center is the easiest place to view and capture photos of this Hollywood icon.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

An amusement park and a film production studio of the company NBC Universal located in Universal City in the suburbs of Los Angeles in California. The studios are those of Universal Pictures. Universal Studio Hollywood has been in business since 1951. This place is a must-see place to visit during your Los Angeles vacation, especially when you go on vacation with your family. Universal Studio Hollywood is divided into two areas, Upper Lot and Lower Lot. In Upper Lot, you can feel the city of Springfield, the city where the Simpsons live. In addition to that, you can see the location of the filming of King Kong, Jaws and Fast & Furious. While in the lower part of the plot is Jurassic Park and Revenge of the Mummy. A water walk on the theme of Jurrasic Park invites you to meet the dinosaurs. In addition, Universal Studio also offers a studio tour by visiting approximately 13 blocks. These blocks are a location for famous Hollywood movies.

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Los Angeles where great parks are developing: you must visit them!

This place is the only theme park designed and built directly under the supervision of Walt Disney. This place is perfect for those of you who are on vacation with your loved ones. In this place, one has the impression of living in luxury castles like princesses in the film Sleeping Beauty. In addition, you can satisfy your curiosity about the fantasy world that you only feel when watching animated films.