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The Early Learning Coalition of Santa Rosa County is looking for Board Members!  Resumes are being sought from those interested in the following seats on the board:

- A representative of faith-based child care providers.  A qualified candidate shall be defined as an administrator, director or management level staff member of a center serving Coalition-funded children. (Voted on by peers)

 - A Private sector business member who does not have, and none of their relatives (as defined in FS 112.3143) have, a substantial financial interest in the design or delivery of the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Education Program.  Must be a manager or owner of a business located in and serving Santa Rosa County Florida.

If you are interested in applying for appointment to the Board of Directors, please submit your resume to Melissa Stuckey - stuckey@elcsantarosa.org


The purpose of the Early Learning Coalition of Santa Rosa County is to carry out the duties and responsibilities invested and entrusted to the Coalition pursuant to the provisions of the School Readiness Act and the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program. Collectively these programs are referred to as “early learning programs.” The Coalition recognizes the primacy of parents as their children’s first teachers and the importance of children entering the education system ready to learn, and seeks to assist parents by providing opportunities for the at-risk birth-to-kindergarten population to enhance their chances for educational success by participating in quality early learning programs that can better prepare the children for school.


The Coalition recognizes that school readiness programs increase children’s chances of achieving future educational success and becoming productive members of society. The Coalition is made up of a volunteer board of community leaders that have invested hundreds of hours in the development and implementation of a community wide school readiness plan designed to achieve this goal.



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